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Contributors 89 CONTRIBUTORS Poetry ROBERT BLY's latest collection of prose poems, THIS BODY IS MADE OF CAMPHOR AND GOPHERWOOD, is available from Harper & Row. He lives on his farm near Marshall, Minnesota. PHILIP LEVINE is teaching at Princeton University this year. His new volume of poems is due soon from Atheneum. LISEL MUELLER'S book, THE PRIVATE LIFE, was the Lamont Poetry Selection in 1975. A chapbook, VOICES FROM THE FOREST, was published last year by Juniper Press. CHARLES WRIGHT teaches at the University of California at Irvine, and lives in Laguna Beach. His most recent collection is CHINA TRACE, from Wesleyan University Press. The poem in this issue is from a projected group of five such portraits. JOYCE CAROL OATES' new collection of poems, WOMEN WHOSE LIVES ARE FOOD, MEN WHOSE LIVES ARE MONEY, is forthcoming from Louisiana State University Press. NAOMI REPLANSKY's RING SONG was nominated for a National Book Award in 1952. Her translation of Brecht's ST. JOAN OF THE STOCKYARDS was produced recently in New York City, where she lives and works. DAVID ST. JOHN is currently teaching at Johns Hopkins University. His first volume of poems, HUSH, is available from Houghton Mifflin. DANIEL HALPERN's new collection of poems, LIFE AMONG OTHERS, is due soon from Viking. The book's title poem appears in this issue. MICHAEL WATERS' new book of poems, NOT JUST ANY DEATH, is forthcoming from BOA editions. He is teaching at Ohio University. PATRICIA GOEDICKE's third volume of poems, THE TRAIL THAT TURNS ON ITSELF is available from Ithaca House. She lives in San Miguel de Allende, in Mexico. JAMES TATE has returned from a year in southern Spain to teach at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. His most recent collection, available from Wesleyan University Press, is VIPER JAZZ. DIANE WAKOSKI is teaching at Michigan State University. Her new bookofpoems, THE MAN WHO SHOOKHANDS has justbeen published by Doubleday. GERALD STERN's LLiCKY LIFE was the 1977 Lamont Poetry Selection. He lives in Easton, Pennsylvania. DAVID YOUNG's collection of prose poems, WORK LIGHTS, was published recently by Cleveland State University Press. He teaches at Oberlin College. WILLIAM STAFFORD'S collected poems were published in 1977 by Harper & Row. He teaches at Lewis and Clark College, in Oregon. 90 THEMISSOURIREVIEW Fiction JAMES B. HALL's most recent novel is RACERS TO THE SUN. A collection of his stories, US HE DEVOURS, is available from New Directions. He is Professor of English at University of California, Irvine. R. V. CASSILL, Professor of English at Brown University, is the author of several novels and collections of stories. GOSS WOMEN is his most recent work. Criticism M. L. ROSENTHAL is Professor of English at New York University, and he is presently finishing a book on Ezra Pound. He has written critical volumes on modern and contemporary poetry: THE MODERN POETS: A CRITICAL INTRODUCTION; and THE NEW POETS. PHILIP STEVICK is Professor of English at Temple University. He has written widely on English and American fiction and on the theory of the novel. IAN WATT is best known for his book on 18th century fiction, THE RISE OF THE NOVEL. He is Professor of English at Stanford University. ...


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