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CONTRIBUTORS' NOTES Richard Chess has poems published for forthcoming in Ironweed, The New England Review, etc. James Frazee lives in Norway and works as a foreign correspondent for US newspapers. James Harms' work has appeared or is forthcoming in Poetry, The American Poetry Review, Denver Quarterly, etc. Robert Hedin is the author of several books, most recently, County O. He is currently poet-in-residence at Wake Forest University. Michael Hefferman's new book, The Man at Home, will appear this fall. Mark Jarman is the author most recently of Far and Away. He is co-editor of The Reaper. A new collection is forthcoming. Sandra McPherson's new collection of poems, Streamers, will appear in October. She is director of the Creative Writing Program at University of California, Davis. Wyatt Prentz is the author of The Times Between; What Women Know, What Men Believe; and has forthcoming, River of January. Gordon Preston teaches third grade for Modesto City Schools. James Reiss is the author of The Breathers, and has a forthcoming collection, A Human Harvest. Donald Revell's newest collection of poems, The Gaza of Winter, is due in 1988. He is also the author of From the Abandoned Cities. Maxine Scates had published poems in The American Poetry Review, Antioch Review, Crazyhorse, Prairie Schooner, etc. Cathy Song is the author of Picture Bride, which won the Yale Younger Poets Award. Her new book is Frameless Windows, Squares of Light. Michael Waters new volume, The Burden Lifters, is due out this fall. Roger Weingarten directs the MFA in Writing at Vermont College. His Shadow, Shadow was recently published and his second book, Ethan Benjamin Boldt has been reissued. Mike White lives in Salt Lake City and has had poems in The Antioch Review, The New England Quarterly, and The Missouri Review. David Wojahn is presently the Amy Lowell Travelling Poetry Scholar. His books include Icehouse Lights and Glassworks. Lawrence Coates worked at sea for seven years. He is a free lance journalist and on a novel. Greg Johnson has published fiction in Virginia Quarterly, Prairie Schooner, Ontario Review, etc. Okamoto Kanoko (1889-1939) wrote most of her stories between 1936-1939. Thomas McCaIl lives in Wisconsin with his wife and five children. This is his first published story. Connie Poten is a writer and filmmaker living in Missoula, Montana. Martha Bennett Stiles has published previously in TriQuarterly, Esquire, Georgia Review, and The Missouri Review. Bettina Drew's article, "Drifting," is taken from a book length work on Nelson Algren, A Life on the Wild Side. Kat Meads is at work on a novel. She has recent work appearing in New t├Ąters and The Cimarron Review. Nancy L. Walker is the Director of Freshman English at Southwest Missouri State University. ...


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