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GARDEN WALK / Gordon Preston When we see one or two stars inside the ice ring surrounding the usually full moon we both know rain the next day or the day after and invent just once more a countryside that waits only for us. It is from the one bad season of sky coming in from another place and resting here as fog that I will imagine once again a simple hunger for water and the straw old-lady-hat you wore all that season waiting and waiting for your second born watering the summer crocus with all the proper schooling and grace of a bird a Great Blue Heron or California Sandhill Crane 220 · The Missouri Review giving shade as you walked the gravel path of our garden. Now I have reached the half almond woodpile in the almost dark to cover these tiny loaves from the coming rain. Barefooted two sons run ahead scattering yellow musterwood blossoms with their sticks. Gordon Preston The Missouri Review · 222 ...


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