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EVERYWHERE AT ONCE / James Harms Driving in rain on South Laguna's backstreets, thinking I saw you by the road and trying to stop to get it down on a gas receipt, what you looked like this time, I nearly had you back. But as quickly that chance passed and it was just me again, wanting to be someone's, lining up my favorite records and spending the day with them. So it doesn't surprise me, yesterday's walk down streets of shop windows, none of which offered up your reflection at my side or the shallowest gift I might rush in to buy for you. We strolled on, watching the Thrift & Loan's walls shift from blue to silver, our faces visibly changed in the turning light. With everyone else I craned and stared at the threatening cloud, forgetting for a moment your slim bearing in this sudden shade. You were gone. And I swear I'd hold a flame in my throat to have you again pull me into your arms. 204 · THE MISSOURI REVIEW We would share the comfort of some famUiar high. Maybe watch the ficus ruminate its pot of earth. Later we'd walk to Victoria Beach—do you remember the pier where once you laid your coat on my shoulders like a pitiful hug? And I took it not thinking of how slack the sleeves would feel against my sides, not thinking it today but remembering their movement in the wind, our wandering out there above the sea, where just now I thought of you. James Harms The Missouri Review · 205 ...


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