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THE SUN COMES OUT IN SOUTH HAVEN / Michael Heffernan As far as I understand him, Bonaventure believes the human soul is a looking glass, and when we look at it from the right angle in the right light, namely the light of Grace, it shows us the face of God which is a fire and this fire becomes a fire inside the mind which thus concludes its journey into God, forever burning and forever changed into the image that it caught to start with from the soul's mirror. The object is to look inside our souls as deeply as we can so that we become the light and burn and shine. Now that the sun is out in South Haven the beach is crowded with enUghtened souls. If I give the impression of someone reading Saint Bonaventure at the beach, that's more or less exactly what I'm doing, though truthfully the book is in the car and I'm remembering what I read last night, I drive here with my wife and kids to seek delivery from life in nearby Kalamazoo with its eighty thousand tarnished looking glasses. I come to South Haven to shine and burn and contemplate salvation. When the sun was hidden by the haze, we felt remote from any godly principle, but now with the light shining over us again all of us here are clearly come to light in new skins to be found by the new eyes of others looking at them as themselves resplendent and transformed, as from a fire involving everyone body and soul. I ought to have an understanding heart, but being skeptical and mostly blind as Bonaventure says I mustn't be, 100 · The Missouri Review I have a hard time seeing my own face plainly, let alone God's, on a good day, from any angle and in the best light. If finding God is finaUy done with mirrors, then when we move aside God moves aside so nothing's there but the blank looking glass. Michael Heffernan THE MISSOURI REVIEW · 101 ...


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