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CONTRIBUTORS' NOTES Nicholas Christopher is the author of two books of poems and a novel. His third book of poems. Desperate Characters, will be published in Spring of 1988. Killarney Clary is from Pasedena, California, and studied at U.C. Irvine. Donald Finkel's two most recent books are Selected Shorter Poems and The Wake of the Electron. Maria Flook's books are Reckless Wedding and Dancing with my Sister Jane. Eamon Grennan teaches at Vassar College. His first two books, Wildly for Days and What Light There Is were published in Dublin. John Meredith Hill teaches writing and literature at the University of Scranton. Lynda Hull's first collection, Ghost Money, won the Juniper Prize. Richard Jackson's second book of poems, Worlds Apart, will appear from Alabama, which is also publishing his essays, Dismantling Time in Contemporary Poetry. Kerry Johanssen has degrees in biology and philosophy. This is her first published poem. Sydney Lea is the author of three books of poems, including No Sign, and is Founding Editor of New England Review. Howard Nemerov's new book is War Stories. He was recently awarded a National Medal of Arts by the President. Alicia Ostriker's The Imaginary Lover won the William Carlos Williams Award. She is also the author of Stealing the Language: the Emergence of Women's Poetry in America. Molly Peacock is the author of And Live Apart and Raw Heavens. James Ulmer's work has appeared in Poetry, The Neio Yorker, The Neio Criterion, and elsewhere. Bruce Weigl's most recent collection is The Monkey Wars. Fred Haefele lives in Missoula, Montana, and his work has appeared in CutBank, Epoch, and elsewhere. G. W. Hawkes' work has appeared in Seattle Rei'ieiv, High Plains Reviezv and GQ. Lewis Home is a member of the English Department at the University ofSaskatchewan. His stories have appeared in Chariton Review, Literary Rei'ieiv, and others. Ken Kalfus has published fiction in North American Rei'ieiv and the Sonora Rei'ieiv. Nina Kennedy was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, and raised in Los Angeles. She's been married over 50 years and is a great-grandmother. David Zane Mairowitz lives in France. His short fiction has appeared in many journals. He is the author of Wilhelm Reich for Beginners and his radio plays are regularly produced by the BBC, etc. Kevin Mcllvoy's novel, The Fifth Station, is forthcoming from Algonquin of Chapel Hill. His stories have appeared in Crazyhorse, MSS, Missouri Rei'ieiv, and elsewhere. Lorna Domke works as a filmmaker for the Missouri Department of Conservation. Daryl Lane is presently completing a book on Peace Corps experiences. He is the co-author of The Sound of Wonder, Vols. 1 and H, interviews with SF writers. Shannon Ravenel is the annual editor of Best American Short Stories and Senior Editor of Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill. Dana Gioia is a businessman in New York. He has recently published his first collection of poems, Daily Horoscope. Ira Sadoff's next collection, Emotional Traffic, will appear in 1988. Charles Wright lives in Charlottesville, VA. He has a new book of poems due out entitled. Zone journals. Judith Berke has had recent work in Georgia Rei'ien' and Neio England Rei'ieiv, etc. Julia Copeland ¡s a violinist and has never before been published. Gerry Sloan has published articles in The Instrumentalist, jazz journal, and the journal of the International Trombone Association. His poetry has appeared in several magazines. ...


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