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THE MARRIAGE/Timothy Liu Quite spent. Having gamed a minimal share, the focus group moves on. New Ufe bursts through ever elusive promised lands receding m tunes of fat: a bungalow wrapped up in burnt-out Xmas Ughts. Not feeding is also a kind of feeding that feeds on everything we have known, our child aUeady two years dead. 184 · The Missouri Review TO WOO THE NUPTIAL WOE/Tz'mof/zy Liu Our love aU habit now—a jack-off fest crudely put. And what we do we do with practiced hearts around each other's wants, no surprises left Ui the spine's torqued requests, this way, that way and the house far better off than worse with loneliness held at bay, held Ui arms that want to hold the beloved back— The Missouri Review · 185 THE ASSIGNATION/Timothy Liu Our intentions were aU pencU, hardly a signature. How easUy the letters smudged—a crisis underneath the daUy rhythms we called our lives. Scribbles left on the edges of a discarded grocery list. A passion born of aU the usable ravages of age— over and over Ui the absence of the other. The afternoon aU fountain and shine. No relation to the clutter left on our desks hinting at the other Ufe urdived. 186 · The Missouri Review THE BEAUTY OF ANONYMOUS MEN/ Timothy Liu Seemingly a cure. Accustomed more to noontime acid trips than anything more of the depths. A year or two enough to ravage anyone's looks— youth's allure as balm to advancing age where lamps along the Hudson flicker on at dusk—manifold forms of tenderness eluding patrol-car glare. The Missouri Review · 187 TO AUTUMN/Timothy Liu You walk through fields of hacked-down cornstalks. To the distant humming of monks Ui hem-stained robes who cold-press matted pulp Into cheesecloth drip on the outskkts of Dubuque. Where you stiU can hear the hours toll Ui that cider house stormed by wasps. Timothy Liu's latest book of poems is Hard Evidence (Talisman House, 2001). He Uves in Hoboken, New Jersey. 188 · The Missouri Review ...


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