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Index Abbott, Carl, book by rev.,«54-55 Abel,Joseph, fellowship won by. 93 Abilene, book about rev., 403 Adams, Betty Hannstein, Maverick/Webb letters ed. ty. 55-85. 207-36· 343-8°. 479-5°7 Adams,John A.,Jr., book by rev., 411-12 Adams, Kevin, book by rev., 542-43 African Americans: Black Church of Christ, book about rev., 546-47; black women in Texas, book about noted, 93; in East Texas history, book about rev., 405-6; education opportunities for, 192; Hall's Town, freed slave settlement in Brazos County, 1 85-204; Henry O. Flipper, book about rev., 272-73; Louis A. BedfordJr. and civil rights movement, book about rev., 548 African Methodist Episcopal Church (?.?.?. Church), 190, 192, 197 The After Slavery Project, call for papers, 242 Agricultural History Society (AHS), call for papers, 100 agriculture: call for papers, 100; farm worker's movement, book about rev., 287-88; migratory labor and, book about rev., 55 1-52; semisubsistence farming, book about rev., 543-44. See also ranching Aigron, Claude, 1 74-76; trial of, book about rev., 534-35 Aimable (shipwreck), 160-61, 1 72-77; book about rev., 534-35; maP ofsite, 177 Alabama Indians, book about rev., 258-59 Alamo, the: exhibit noted, 244; historiography of, 3 13, 3 1 7, 337; music about, book about rev., 253-54 Alamo Art and Publishing Company, 434-35 The Alamo with Señora Candelaria (White), 423, 426-31, 436 Alan Lomax Collection, fellowship applications invited, 5 1 8 Alex Zanetis Writes and Sings the Story ofthe Old Fields (album, Zanetis), 307-8 TheAlfalfa Fields (White), 433 Allred,James, pictured in Austin, 50g Almonte,Juan N., 334 Alter, Thomas E., Ill, book rev. by, 543-44 American Battlefield Protection Program, archeological and archival research grants, 248-49 American Meteorological Society, fellowship in history of science, announcement, 388-89 Anders, Evan Marcus "Buzz," memorial resolution for, 94 Anderson, Gary Clayton, 3 1 8, 327. 334-35; book rev. by, 258-59 Andersonvilles ofthe North: The Myths and Realities of Northern Treatment ofCivil War Confederate Prisoners, rev., 267-68 Andrews, Gregg, book rev. by, 131-32 Angelo State University, fellowships aL 246-47 Apache Indians: alliances during Spanish Colonial era, book about rev., 532-33; books about rev., 406-8, 532-33; oral histories of Western Apache, book about rev., 407-8 Arapaho Indians, Red River War, book about rev., 398-99 archeology: book about noted, 394; historiography of prehistory and, 319; Red River War, book about rev., 398-99; Texas Archeological Society (TAS), annual meeting of, 99; Texas Archeology Academy, spring classes offered by, 390-9 1 architecture, of die Rio Grande borderlands, book about rev., 283-84 Arizona: Arizona-Sonora border, book about rev., 1 27-28; borderlands communities of, book about rev., 1 36-37; women in politics in, book about rev., 549-50 Armstrong, Anne, memorial resolution for, 94 Arreóla, Daniel, book rev. by, 116-18 arts and artists: Civil War as subject, book about rev., 1 19-20; Dionicio Rodriguez, book about rev., 282-83; Udall and promotion of, book about rev., 284-85; Verner White, article about, 423-36 Austin, Stephen R, historiography of, 328-3 1 Austin History Center, Great Depression and New Deal exhibits, 508 aviation history: at Ft. Sam Houston, exhibit noted, 243-44; Mexican WWTI pilots, book about noted, 93 Aztec Eagles ofWorld WarII: Mexico's Heroes, America 's Brothers, noted, 93 B Baird, W. David, book by rev., 400-401 Baker,James Graham, article by, 423-36 Baker,Jonathan Hamilton, account of Batde of Pease River, 34, 39-40, 43, 46-47 Baker, T. Lindsay, 8g Barker, Eldred, 2 1 Barker, Eugene C, 314, 329 Barker, Nancy, 2 1 Barnett, R. Michael, book rev. by, 280-81 Barr.Juliana, 319-20, 327 Barrera,James B., book rev. by, 287-88, 554-55 Barthélémy, member of La Salle expedition, 181-82 Basket ofPeaches in the Love Orchard atJacksonville (White), 434 Batopilas Consolidated Mining Company (BCMC), book about rev., 416-18 Battles ofthe Red River War Archeological Perspectives on the Indian Campaign of1874, rev., 398-99 Baugess,James S., book rev. by, 113-14 56o Southwestern...


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