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ANNOUNCEMENTS OF NEW BOOKS BIOCHEMISTRY Biochemical Individuality: The Basis for the Genetotrophic Concept. Reissue. By Roger J. Williams. London and Austin: University of Texas Press, August 1969. Pp. xiv + 214. Illus. Refs. Index. $1.95 (paper). A study ofdie concept ofbiochemical individuaUty and its role in a proper understanding of man and his disorders. Roger J. Williams is a former president of the American Chemical Society and co-founder of the Clayton Foundation Biochemical Institute, The University ofTexas at Austin. Elements ofProtein Synthesis: A Student Model. Pamphlet and Model. By Thomas Peter Bennett. San Francisco: W. H. Freeman & Co., Autumn 1969. $3.00 (pamphlet and model); $0.75 (pamphlet only). Parts ofthis movable schematic diagram represent a ribosome, mRNA lengths, codons, tRNAs, and amino acids. The accompanying pamphlet summarizes present knowledge of the genetic code and the ways by which it is translated into proteins, and describes how to use the model to illustrate processes that are incredibly complex. BIOLOGY BMD: Biomedical Computer Programs X-Series Supplement. Edited by W. J. Dixon. Berkeley: University ofCalifornia Press, 1969. Pp. 260. $3.50 (paper). The series of special computer programs known as the BMD presents the biomedical programs developed at the Heakh Science Computing FaciUty of the University of California, Los Angeles, prior to September 1965. During the past few years new programs have been developed and are now coUected as die X-series programs, supplementing the BMD manual. Creative Biology Teaching, ist ed. By Delma Harding, Roger Volker, and David Fagle. Ames: Iowa State University Press, April 1969. Pp. 580. Illus. BibUog. Index. $10.50. Offers the contemporary approach to biology teaching. Designed for teachers of experience and for those training future biology teachers. Contains hundreds of ideas, expUcit suggestions for teaching biology in a dynamic, stimulating manner. Comprehensive appendices contain reference lists, teacher aids, student projects. Discusses modern philosophy, impact ofthe New Biology. Detection of Signals by Template Matching. By David H. Friedman. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins Press,July 1969. Pp. 67. lUus. Bibliog. Index. $6.50. Announcements ofNew Books Perspectives in Biology and Medicine · Autumn 1969 This study presents a scheme for detecting signals, widi controUed selectivity against noise and interfering signals, by an extension of die classical matched-filter detector in an N-dimensional signal space. The signals can be detected and used in dealing widi neural and nonphysiological events. Ecology, Behavior, andAdult Anatomy ofthe Albida Group ofthe Genus Epicauta {Coleóptera, Meloidae). By Richard B. Selander and Juan M. Mathieu. Urbana: University ofIllinois Press,July 1969. Pp. 168. lUus. Bibliog. Index. $5.95 (paper). The ecology, behavior, anatomy, and taxonomy of eight North American species of blister beetles are treated in a detailed, integrated manner, incorporating an exhaustive review of previously published information and much new data from the field and laboratory. Includes entirely original section on sexual behavior. Electronic Circuitsfor the Behavioral and Biomedical Sciences. A Reference Book of Useful Solid-State Circuits. By Mitchell H. Zucker; San Francisco: W. H. Freeman & Co., August 1969. Pp. 241. Illus. Index. $9.75. Written in a manner that can be understood by readers widi Utde prior experience in electronics, this book is die first to explain in detail how to construct and repair soUdstate circuits for use in die behavioral and biomedical sciences. Researchers and students wiU find it an indispensable reference. Insects ofHawaii, Supplement to Vol. 11: Diptera: Dolichopodidae. ByJoANN M. Tenorio. Edited by Elwood C. Zimmerman. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, April 1969. Pp. 80. Illus. BibUog. Index. $2.00 (approx.) (paper). This supplement brings volume 11 ofInsects ofHawaii up to date, describing 208 species of doUchopodids found in die Hawaiian islands. Included are notes on die origins of the species described, dieir distribution, hosts, parasites, predators, and control. Nebraska Symposium on Motivation, 1968. Edited by William J. Arnold. Lincoln: University ofNebraska Press,July 1969. Pp. ix -f 337. Figs. Tables. BibUog. Index. $6.95 (clodi); $3.25 (paper). "The Physiological Basis of Specific and Nonspecific Motivational Processes" by Sebastian P. Grossman; "Genetics and Motivation ofdie Mouse" by Gerald E. McClearn; "Hormones and Conditioning" by Seymour Levine; "Achievement Motive Research: Current Problems and Some Contributions toward a General Theory of Motivation" by Heinz Heckhausen; "Emotions and Adaptation" by...


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