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14Charlotte Stern, "Fray Iñigo de Mendoza and Medieval Dramatic Ritual," HR, XXXIII (1965), 197-245. 15Dorothy Clotelle Clarke, "Francisco Imperial , Nascent Spanish Secular Drama, and the Ideal Prince," PQ, XLII (1963), 1-13. 16Grégoire Lozinski, La bataille de Caresme et de Charriage (Paris: Bibliothèque de l'Ecole des Hautes Etudes, 1933). 17Cf. J. Richard Andrews, Juan del Encina Prometheus in Search of Prestige (Berkeley, 1959), pp. 97-100. 18Ibid., p. 100. (^4Z «7^V Minutes of the 1965 Meeting The luncheon and business meeting were held on Wednesday, December 29, in Stouffer's Restaurant, just a short walk from the Palmer House. Approximately 40 persons were present. A minute of silence was kept in memory of Helen Sears, who passed away in July. (Later, it was learned that Mabel M. Harlan, co-editor of Cuatro Comedias and professor for many years at Indiana University, had also died.) Jack Parker announced that the next project of the Research Committee would be a continuation of W. T. McCready 's Bibliografía temática de estudios sobre el teatro español antiguo (this work is expected to appear in the fall). The matter of the business managership was settled when the Chairman, Arnold G. Reichenberg, stated that all records and funds were to be turned over to the Editor for transmittal to Karl Gregg, Business Manager for 1966. Warren T. McCready Secretary *£%*> Announcements. Please notice that Karl Selig is Editor Pro Tem during 1966. William Whitby (Editor) will be in Madrid after the first of September . He can be reached in care of the Comisión Fulbright, Paseo de Calvo Sotelo, 20 (Biblioteca Nacional), Madrid (1), Spain. Manuscripts and inquiries about them should be addressed to the Editor Pro Tem. Business matters (dues, subscriptions, changes of address, letters regarding failure to receive copies of the Bulletin, etc. ) should be addressed to the Business Manager, Karl Gregg. mi'hm ^¦C»«7^v Capa y Espada. One of the functions of this department (which is now resucitated , if only ephemerally) is to disseminate scraps of information about work in progress. It seems appropriate , therefore, to include the following item. Mr. Guy Bourligueux, a new member of the Comediantes, is preparing a doctoral thesis at the Sorbonne, his topic being "La Comedía de inspiración bíblica (1550-1635)." He would like to strike up correspondence with American colleagues of his who might be working on similar themes or who might share his interest in the Bible in the comedia. His address is Casa de Velazquez, Ciudad Universitaria, Madrid (3), Spain. 19 ...


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