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50 AN ALPHABETIC LISTING OF CH 'ING SCHOLARS RESPONDING TO THE 1972 QUESTIONNAIRE KEY: Special research interest SRI Work in progressWIP Publications 1971-72P71-72 Banno, Masataka Barnett, Suzanne Wilson SRI: Foreign relations of China (nineteenth century). WIP: "Ma chienchung on naval training: a treatise of 1882" (in Japanese) to be published in Shigoto Kawano, ed. , Problems of Modernization in Asia (Univ. of Tokyo Press); A Political and Diplomatic History of Modern China: From Vasco de Gama to the May Fourth Movement (in Japanese, now in preparation), (to be published by the Univ. of Tokyo Press in 1971). P71-72: Diplomacy Today: An Organizational and Behavioral Analysis (in Japanese) (Univ. of Tokyo Press, 1971), 431 pp; "Ma Chien-chung in France: two treatises (in 1878) on diplomacy and diplomatic service (in Japanese), Kokka gakkai zashi, 84,5-6 (Aug. '72). SRI: 19th-century China: Sino-Western cultural interaction; Protestant missions. WIP: Completion and re vision of Ph. D. thesis, "Protestant Missionaries and the Introduction of Western Civilization into China, 18201850 "; survey of missionary tracts in Chinese, Harvard-Yenching Library. P. 71-72: "Silent Evangelism: Presbyterians and the Mission Press in China, 1807-1860," Journal of Presbyterian History, 49.4:287-302 (Winter 1971); "Protestant Expansion and Chinese 51 KEY: Special research interest SRI Work in progressWIP Publications 1971-72P71-72 Barnett, Suzanne Wilson (continued) Bastid, Marianne Beattie, Hilary Jane Chan, Föok-lam Gilbert Views of the West, " Modern Asian Studies , 6.2:129-149 (April 1972). SRI: Late Ch'ing and post 1969 China. WIP: The "Emperor's party" and early modern nationalism in China 1885-1894. P71-72: (Book) Aspects de la reforme de l'éducation en Chine e ^ au debit du XX siècle, published by Mouton, The Hague and Paris; (Article) Prüfungswesen to appear in the China Handbook published by the University of Hamburg. SRI: 17th and 18th century social and economic history. WIP: Ph.D. dissertation on the major lineages (notably the Chang^_ Yao^ families) and local history of T'ung-ch'eng ^(i] -pfy , ancestors, with especial emphasis on landownership, education, scholastic and political achievements, and demographic trends. P71-72: Reviews in Modern Asian Studies (published by Cambridge Univ. Press) 1972. SRI: (1) Kuomintang and the Chinese Revolution; (2) Warlordism in Sinkiang. WIP: (1) A Chinese Revolutionary: The Career of Liao Chung -k'ai (1878-1925); (2) Huang Chi -Iu: An Authorized Biography . P71-72: "Liao Chung -k'ai: The Career of A Chinese Revolutionary" in Essays in Chinese Studies presented to Professor Lo Hsiang -lin on his retirement from the Chair of Chinese, University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong, 1970), pp. 319-48. 52 KEY: Special research interest SRI Work in progressWIP Publications 1971-72P71-72 Chang, Chun-ShuSRI: Ancient China; Han China; Intellectual history of late imperial China. WIP: "South China in the Twelfth Century . " P. 71-72: Premodern China, A Bibliographical Introduction. Ann Arbor , Michigan: Center for Chinese Studies, Univ. of Michigan, 1971; Review of Charles O. Hucker, ed. , Chinese Government in Ming Times: Seven Studies in American Historical Review, Vol. 75, No. 7 (Dec. 1970), pp. 21062109 . Ch 'en, JeromeSRI: China and the West, cultural and social contacts. WIP: A paper for Local Control and Social Protest Conference organized by F. Wakeman. Clarke, PrescottSRI: Missionaries and the Taiping Rebellion Dietrich, CraigSRI: Late Ming and early Ch'ing economic and social history; Chinese reception of Western science and technology in the 17th and 18th centuries. WIP: "The Computer and Imprecision: Measuring the Market in Ming China, " (to be presented at annual AAS meeting ); A study of the scientific movement touched off by the Jesuits in the 17th century. P71-72: "Cotton Culture and Manufacture in Early Ch'ing China," in W. E. Willmott (ed.), Economic Organization in Chinese Soc iety , Stanford Univ. Press, 1972. Downs, Jacques M.SRI: American community al Canton, 1784-1844. WIP: History of the 53 KEY: Special research interest SRI Work in progressWIP Publications 1971-72P71-72 Downs, Jacques M. (continued) Elvin, John Mark Dutton Franke, Wolfgang American community at Canton; a study of the Cushing mission, 184344 ; a history of the American firms at Canton to 1844. P71-72: "Fair Game: Exploitive Role -Myths...


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