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ANNOUNCEMENTS Endymion Wilkinson of S. O. A. S. writes: Readers of Ramon Myers' article in Vol. II, No. 8 of CSWT ("Commercialization, Agricultural Development, and Landlord Behaviour in Shantung Province in the Late Ch'ing Period") which introduced Jing Su and Lo Lun's 1959 study may be interested to know that Endymion Wilkinson is publishing a complete translation of Jing and Lo's work under the title Landlord and Labour in Late Imperial China: Case Studies from Shandong. To appear in the Library of Peasant Studies (Frank Cass, London). The title of the original was Qingdai Shandong jingying dizhu de shehui xingzhi -^"frfX jM^i£%*èàÂfa&iï% · Jinan' 1959· ********** Ch'ing China is covered at length within the first publication to appear in the new Association for Asian Studies "Reference Series:" Doctoral Dissertations on China: A Bibliography of Studies in Western Languages, 1945-1970 by Leonard H. D. Gordon and Frank J. Shulman. This 317 page bibliography is a comprehensive , interdisciplinary listing of research containing citations for a total of 2217 theses. It provides not only information on the - 5 availability of these dissertations and on the location of their published abstracts but also ready access to the classified entries through the author, institutional and subject indexes. Copies are available in hardcover ($12.50) and paperback ($3.95) editions directly from the publisher: University of Washington Press; Seattle, Washington 98195. ******* Frank Shulman, the University of Michigan, has sent a list of five Ph.D. candidates, none of whom are listed as Society members in the February issue of the Ch'ing-shih wen-t'i (directory issue), and who were reported as doing research on Ch'ing China in the latest listing (no. 33, for 1972) of theses in progress compiled by the University of London's Institute of Historical Research: BENNETT, R. L. British Public Opinion and the Taiping Rebellion, 18501862 . University of Leeds. (Prof. D. N. Dilks, thesis adviser) DALLARD, P. J. B. The Royal Navy and Anglo-Chinesé Relations, 1833-1876. Oxford University (St. Anthony's College) HAYES, J. W. Southeast China in the Late Ch'ing: Some Rural Settlements in the Hong Kong Region of Kwangtung with Special Reference to the Period 1850-1899. University of London. (External) MARTIN, Brian Gerard Chinese History: 1878 Reform Movement. University of Glasgow. (Mr. J. Gray, thesis adviser) WAUNG, W. S. K. The Opium Question in China, 1860-1887. University of London. (Dr. C. A. Curwen, thesis adviser) He also enclosed a list of eight recently completed dissertations that would be of interest to Ch'ing specialists: COLEMAN, Earle Jerome Philosophy of Painting by Shih-T'ao: A Translation and Exposition of His Hua-p'u (Treatise on the Philosophy of Painting). Hawaii, 1971 268p. DAI 32 (Mar. 1972): 5281-A; UM 72-10, 163. COMPTON, Robert William A Study of the Translations of Lin Shu, 1852-1924. Stanford, 1971. 581p. DAI 32 (Apr. 1972): 5779-80-A; UM 72-11, 525. COUGHLIN, Margaret Morgan Strangers in the House: J. Lewis Shuck and Issachar Roberts, First American Baptist Missionaries to China. University of Virginia, 1972. Order no. 72-22, 632. 341 pp. ESHERICK, Joseph Wharton Reform, Revolution, and Reaction: The Chinese Revolution of 19H in Hunan and Hupeh. California (Berkeley), 1971. JONES, Susan Louise Mann Hung Liang -chi (1746-1809): The Perception and Articulation of Political Problems in Late Eighteenth Century China. Stanford, 1972. 234p. DAI 32 (June 1972): 6867-A; UM 72-16, 731. MacKINNON, Stephen Robert Yuan Shih-k'ai in Tientsin and Peking: The Sources and Structure of His Power, 1901-1908. California (Davis), 1971. 275p. DAI 32 (Apr. 1972): 5716-A; UM 72-9902. PAOLINO, Ernest N. William Henry Seward and the Foundations of the American Empire. Rutgers, 1972. 304p. DAI 32 (June 1972): 6902-A; UM 72-17, 858. Focuses in part on Seward's policies vis-a-vis China and Japan. ROSENBAUM, Arthur Lewis China's First Railway: The Imperial Railways of North China, 1880-1911. Yale, 1972. 592p. DAI 32 (June 1972): 6903-04-A; UM 72-17, 164. ...


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