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Index to Volumes 8-10 Vol. 8, No. 1, Spring/Summer 1996; No. 2, Fall/Winter 1996 Vol. 9, Nos. 1/2, Fall 1997 Vol. 10, No. 1, Spring 1998; No. 2, Fall 1998 Arad, Gulie Ne'eman. "Nazi Germany and the Jews": Reflections on a Beginning, a Middle and an Open End. 9.1/2:409-33 Aschheim, Steven E. On Saul Friedländer. 9.1/2:11-46 Ballinger, Pamela. The Culture of Survivors: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Memory. 10.1:99-132 Bartov, Omer. German Soldiers and the Holocaust: Historiography, Research and Implications. 9.1/2:162-88 Benhabib, Seyla. Identity, Perspective and Nrrative in Hannah Arendt's Eichmann in Jerusalem. 8.2:35-60 Bihky, Leora T. When Actor and Spectator Meet in the Courtroom: Reflections on Hannah Arendt's Concept of Judgment. 8.2:137-73 Browning, Christopher R. Daniel Goldhagen's Willing Executioners. 8.1:88-108 Brunner, José. Eichmann, Arendt and Freud in Jerusalem: On the Evils of Narcissism and the Pleasures of Thoughtlessness. 8.2:61-88 ---------. Pride and Memory: Nationalism, Narcissism and the Historians' Debates in Germany and Israel. 9.1/2:256-300 Burrin, Philippe. Political Religion: The Relevance of a Concept. 9.1/2:321-49 Cohen, Robert. The Political Aesthetics of Holocaust Literature: Peter Weiss's The Investigation and Its Critics. 10.2:43-67 139 Index Cowans, Jon. Visions of the Postwar: The Politics of Memory and Expectation in 1940s France. 10.2:68-101 Crane, Susan A. (Not) Writing History: Rethinking the Intersections of Personal History and Collective Memory with Hans von Aufsess. 8.1:5-29 Dienstag, Joshua Foa. "The Pozsgay Affair": Historical Memory and Politicai Legitimacy. 8.1:51-66 Diner, Dan. On Guilt Discourse and Other Narratives: Epistemologica! Observations regarding the Holocaust. 9.1/2:301-320 Ezrahi, Sidra DeKoven. See Under: Memory: Reflections on When Memory Comes. 9.1/2:364-75 Frei, Norbert. Farewell to the Era of Contemporaries: National Socialism and Its Historical Interpretation en route into History. 9.1/2:59-79 Friedlander, Eli. Some Thoughts on Kitsch. 9.1/2:376-92 Fritzsche, Peter. Chateaubriand's Ruins: Loss and Memory after the French Revolution. 10.2:102-117 Gedi, Noa, and Elam, Tigal. Collective Memory—What Is It? 8.1:30-50 Ginzburg, Carlo. Shared Memories, Private Recollections. 9.1/2:353-63 Katz, Adam. The Closure of Auschwitz but Not Its End: Alterity, Testimony and (Post)Modernity. 10.1:59-98 Koch, Gertrud. "Against All Odds" or the Will to Survive: Moral Conclusions from Narrative Closure. 9.1/2:393-408 LaCapra, Dominick. Revisiting the Historians' Debate: Mourning and Genocide. 9.1/2:80-112 Lowenthal, David. Fabricating Heritage. 10.1:5-24 Lifshitz, Felice. The Politics of Historiography: The Memory ofBishops in Eleventh-Century Rouen. 10.2:118-137 Mommsen, Hans. Hitler's Reichstag Speech of 30 January 1939. 9.1/2:147-61 Moyn, Samuel. Judaism against Paganism: Emmanuel Levinas's Response to Heidegger and Nazism in the 1930s. 10.1:25-58 Ophir, Adi. Between Eichmann and Kant: Thinking on Evil after Arendt. 8.2:89-136 Rabinbach, Anson. From Explosion to Erosion: Holocaust Memorialization in America since Bitburg. 9.1/2:226-55 140 Index Ram, Haggay. Mythology ofRage: Representations ofthe "Self and the "Other" in Revolutionary Iran. 8.1:67-42 Roniger, Luis, and Sznajder, Mario. The Politics of Memory and Oblivion in Redemocratized Argentina and Uruguay. 10.1:133-69 Rosenfeld, Gavriel D. The Architects' Debate: Architectural Discourse and the Memory of Nazism in the Federal Republic of Germany , 1977-1997. 9.1/2:189-225 Rüsen, Jörn. The Logic ofHistoricization: Metahistorical Reflections on the Debate between Friedländer and Broszat. 9.1/2:113-144 Wolin, Richard. The Ambivalences of German-Jewish Identity: Hannah Arendt in Jerusalem. 8.2:9-34 Young, James E. Between History and Memory: The Uncanny Voices of the Historian and Survivor. 9.1/2:47-58 Zeitlin, Frorna I. The Vicarious Witness: Belated Memory and Authorial Presence in Recent Holocaust Literature. 10.2:5-42 141 ...


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