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Contributors ROBERT COHEN is Adjunct Associate Professor of German at New York University. He has written widely on twentieth-century German literature, including four books on Peter Weiss. He recently edited Peter Weiss: Marat/Sade, The Investigation, and The Shadow ofthe Body ofthe Coachman (New York, 1998). JON COWANS is Assistant Professor of History at Rutgers University, Newark. He is currently writing a book on the concept ofpublic opinion in revolutionary France. PETER FritZSCHE is Professor of History at the University of Illinois. Among his recent books are Reading Berlin 1900 (Cambridge, MA, 1996); and Germans into Nazis (Cambridge, MA, 1998). He is now completing a history of nostalgia. FELICE Lifshitz is Associate Professor ofHistory at Florida International University, Miami; currently at the Historisches Seminar ofthe Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universit├Ąt, Frankfurt am Main. She is the author of The Norman Conquest ofPious Neustria: Historiographie Discourse and Saintly Relics, 684-1090 (Toronto, 1995). FROMA I. ZEITLIN is Charles Ewing Professor of Greek Language and Literature and Professor of Comparative Literature at Princeton University. Her numerous publications include Playing the Other: Gender and Society in Classical Greek Literature (Chicago, 1996). She regularly teaches a course on Holocaust literature and film. 138 ...


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