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ANNOUNCEMENTS OF NEW BOOKS Biological Chemistry, 2d ed. By Henry R. Mahler and Eugene H. Cordes. New York: Harper & Row, May 1971. Pp. 1,009. Illus. Bibliog. $19.00. Completely updated, this well-known text includes a new chapter on the chemistry of carbohydrates and an expanded section of genetics and biosynthetic pathways of macromolecules. Biomedical Applications of Heat and Mass Transfer, new 1st ed. By Richard C. Seagrave. Ames: Iowa State University Press, December 1971. Pp. 210. Illus. Bibliog. Index. $6.95. Basic principles of physical and chemical engineering are applied to biomedical application of heat and mass transfer. Offering a bridge between engineering techniques and biomedical expertise, it draws specific examples from the areas of physiology and biology and demonstrates how classic transport phenomena can be applied to these areas. Blacks, Medical Schools, and Society. By James L. Curtis, M.D. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, May 1971. Pp. 188. $6.95. In this important book—termed a "first-rate job" by Dr. Robert Coles—Cornell's Dr. James L. Curtis provides an incisive analysis of the history, contemporary status, and future prospects of black medical education in America. Empathy and Birth Order: Some Experimental Explorations. By Stotland Ezra, Stanley E. Sherman, and Kelly G. Shaver. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, December 1971. Pp. viii+198. Index. $8.50. This first systematic, large-scale investigation focuses on birth order as a primary determinant of the interpersonal and motivational conditions leading a person to empathize. An Introduction to Population Genetics Theory. By James F. Crow and ??t?? Kimura. New York: Harper & Row, 1970. Pp. 591. Illus. Bibliog. $14.50. This introduction to the mathematical theory of population genetics achieves a balance between the purely intuitive and the mathematically rigorous. The first two-thirds of the book treats the subject deterministically; the remainder deals with stochastic treatments, especially using diffusion methods. Announcements of New Books A Notable Career in Finding Out: Peyton Rous, 1879-1970. By James S. Henderson , Phillip D. McMaster, John G. Kidd, and Charles Huggins. Introduction by Frederick Seitz. New York: The Rockefeller University Press, May 1971. Pp. 48. Illus. $5.00. These are reminiscences by four men who were fortunate enough to know Dr. Rous in the laboratory and in many of those other worlds through which he moved with such enthusiasm and joy, observing and discovering. They reflect a single unblurred image of a whole man—Peyton Rous, scientist and humanist. Procedures in Nucleic Acid Research, vol. 2. Edited by G. Cantoni and David R. Davies. New York: Harper & Row, October 1971. Pp. 900. Illus. Index. $35.00. Sixty original articles describe physical, physiochemical, and chemical techniques used to analyze and characterize nucleic acids. Covering the latest advances in the field, this volume stresses methods of general applicability. Psoriasis: Proceedings of the International Symposium at Stanford University, 1971. By Eugene M. Farber, M.D., and Alvin J. Cox, M.D. Assisted by Paul H. Jacobs, M.D. Stanford, Calif.: Stanford University Press, December 1971. Pp. xii+468. Illus. Bibliog. $18.50. Complete program of the first international meeting on psoriasis. Subjects: introduction (epidemiology, genetics, prevalence, distribution, psychological factors); clinical expression (specific manifestations, sweat disturbances, relationship to arthritis); biological approaches (histologic evidence, ultrastructure of lesions, chemical change); experimental and current therapy (use of methotrexate, steroids, etc., complications). Two hundred and fifty photographs, electron micrographs, drawings, and tables. Perspectives in Biology and Medicine · Winter 1972 ...