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ANNOUNCEMENTS OF NEW BOOKS BIOCHEMISTRY Biochemical Studies ofAntimicrobial Drugs. Edited by B. A. Newton and P. E. Reynolds. New York: Cambridge University Press,June, 1966. Pp. x+349. Illustr. Ref. Index. $11.50. The sixteenth symposium ofthe Society for General Microbiology (held in April, 1966) presents a synthesis ofpresent knowledge ofthe action ofantimicrobial drugs and surveys the rapid advances ofthe last eight years. Biological Chemistry. By Henry R. Mahler and Eugene H. Cordes. New York: Harper & Row, 1966. Pp. 872. Illustr. Index. $14.50. Based on sound chemical principles with clear distinctions made between experimental observation and interpretation of models, the book deals, in the first part, with biopolymers , nucleic acids, and proteins; the second half treats metabolism. Each chapter is individually reviewed and critically appraised by experts in the field. The Molecular Basis ofRegeneration: Enzymes. By Anthony J. Schmidt. Urbana: University ofIllinois Press, 1966. Pp. viii-t-78. Illustr. Bibliogr. $4.50 (paper). This first comprehensive, contemporary survey ofenzyme action in regenerating systems examines the molecular activity within cells and tissues which contributes to the regenerative process among amphibians. Comparisons are made with the equally important but less dramatic repair of cutaneous wounds in other vertebrates, such as reptiles and mammals. Molecular Organization and Biological Function. ByJohn M. Allen. New York: Harper & Row, 1966. Illustr. Index. These papers, derived from a series oflectures sponsored by the Institute of Science and Technology ofthe University of Michigan, reflect the progressive molecularization on the approach toward understanding cellular organization and function. Contributors include Anfinsen, Rich, Anderson, Robertson, Lehninger, Bogorad, Dowling, and Gibbons. Molecular Physics in Photosynthesis. By Roderick K. Clayton. Waltham, Mass.: Blaisdell Publishing Co., 1965. Pp. 205. Illustr. Bibliogr. Index. $7.50. This text on the physical, chemical, and biological aspects ofphotosynthesis provides a descriptive account of molecular physics, a review of special physical problems, and an introduction to recent research in photosynthesis. Announcements ofNew Books · Advertising Perspectives in Biology and Medicine · Autumn 1966 Symbiosis: Its Physical and Biochemical Significance, vol. i. Edited by S. Mark Henry. New York: Academic Press, Inc., May, 1966. Pp. 478. $16.50 (non-sub.); $14.50 (sub.). A comprehensive multiauthor treatise giving detailed description and analyses of the symbiotic relationships involving microorganisms, plants, and animals. Ultrasonic Energy: Biological Investigations and Medical Applications. By Elizabeth Kelly. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1965. Pp. vi+388. Illustr. $12.50. Thirty-seven scientists from seven countries report on the latest findings and developments in the use ofultrasonic energy in basic biological research and in medical diagnosis and therapy. Their reports coverwork beingdone in this newfield in Australia, England, Germany, Italy,Japan, Sweden, and the United States. BIOLOGY Advances in Morphogenesis, vol. 5. Edited by M. Abercrombœ and Jean Brächet. New York: Academic Press,June, 1966. Pp. 340. $14.00. The intention ofthis volume is to link up the various branches ofbiology that deal with development including the study of the new formation and the remodeling of living material. Annual Review ofPlant Physiology, vol. 17. Edited by L. Machlis, W. R. Briggs, and R. B. Park. Palo Alto, Calif.: Annual Reviews, Inc., June, 1966. Pp. 525. Index. $8.50 postpaid (U.S.A.); $9.00 (elsewhere). Twenty prominent scientists in the field ofplant physiology give their critical and interpretative appraisal of the present status of various subjects covering the latest developments and trends. Chapters are appended by extensive citations of literature appearing during 1965. Cell Synchrony. Edited by Ivan L. Cameron and George Padilla. New York: Academic Press, Inc.,June, 1966. Pp. 392. $15.00. The editors of this book present a most comprehensive survey of research approaches in the field ofcellular growth and replication. In it is found a broad coverage ofmany cell systems—from fungi and bacteria to mammalian cells. The Departmental Laboratory Assistant in Biological Science. By Harold C. Steele, Ed.D. Philadelphia: Dorrance & Co., October, 1966. Pp. 256. Bibliogr. $5.75. This book is the first comprehensive, practical aid for the student assistant employed by a department of biology to serve under supervision of the department chairman and other members of the professional laboratory and teaching staffs. It answers numerous what, when, where, how, and why questions for the assistant as he or she functions in the...


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