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ANNOUNCEMENTS OF NEW BOOKS Advances in Metabolic Disorders, Vol. I. Edited by Rachmiel Levine and Rolf Luft. New York: Academic Press, Inc., 1964. Pp. xii-l-366. $12.00. Thb new international serial publication will help to keep physicians, investigators, and graduate students abreast ofthe rapidly increasing knowledge ofthe metabolic processes in the body and their connections with the disorders ofmetabolism. AU the authors have made major contributions in their own spheres ofresearch, and their articles assess the status ofnew and important developments. Advances in Pediatrics, Vol. 13. Editor-in-chief, S. Z. Levine, M.D. Chicago: Year Book Medical Publbhers, Inc., 1964. Pp. 300. Approx. $10.00. A collectionofmonographs. Contents: Porphyrias and Porphyrin Metabolism; Ventricular Septal Defect; Progress toward Transplantation of Tbsues in Man; Acute Bacterial Meningitis; Thyroiditis in Childhood; Common Nutritional Dborders ofChildhood in the Tropics. Bacterial Photosynthesis. Edited by Howard Gest, Anthony San Pietro, and Leo P. Vernon. Yellow Springs, Ohio: The Antioch Press, 1963. Pp. xvi+526. $6.00. A symposium sponsored by The Charles F. Kettering Research Laboratory in Yellow Springs, Ohio, the first held on bacterial, as opposed to greenplant, photosynthesb. Forty papers, including introduction, summary, andappendices, under the following categories: Components, Structure, and Function of the Bacterial Photochemical Apparatus; Metabolism and Physiology; Electron Transport; and Photochemical Considerations. Biologist Philosopher. By Wilma George. New York, London, and Toronto: AbelardSchuman , 1964. Pp. 336. Illus. Bibliog. Index. $6.00. The first study of the life and writing of biologbt-zoologbt Alfred Rüssel Wallace, co-proponent with Darwin on the Theory ofNatural Selection. The audior, Fellow and Tutor at Lady Margaret Hall and Somerville College, Oxford, illustrâtes her descriptions ofWallace's dbcoveries with extensive quotations from hbjournals and books and from his letters to and from contemporary scientbts. The Cytology of Protein Synthesis in an Animal Cell (first English edition). By B. V. Kedrovskii. Edited by Murray Rosenberg. New York: Gordon and Breach Science , Publbhers, 1964. Pp. 500. Illus. Bibliog. Index. $29.50. Describes methods and results ofthe Russian author's investigations ofprotein synthesb under conditions ofoögenesb in lepidoptera revealing details and characteristics ofgeneral significance. The second section surveys general processes of interaction of intranuclear structures, embracing cytomorphological and cytochemical literature as well as biochemical investigations. Announcements ofNew Books · Advertising Perspectives in Biology and Medicine · Spring 1964 Directory ofSelected Scientific Institutions in the U.S.S.R. Prepared by Battelle Memorial Instttutb (for the National Science Foundation). Columbus, Ohio: Charles E. Merrill Boob, Inc., 1963. Pp. 1216. Index. $14.75. Thb b the only existing published source listing 1,180 Soviet scientific institutions, 6,000 Soviet research subjects, and 8,000 Soviet scientbts. Compiled for the National Science Foundation, the Director lbts major staffmembers, titles, and degrees, and also the area of research for each institution. The introduction describes the administration of Soviet science and technology. Drugs in Our Society. Edited by PaulTalalay. Baltimore, Md.: TheJohns Hopkins Press, 1964. Pp. 320. Index. $6.50. Written by doctors, scientbts,jurists, economists, educators, drug manufacturers, advertising men, and public officials, these papers explore the problems associated with the discovery, development, manufacture, testing, distribution, and consumption ofdrugs. Contributors include Henry K. Beecher, René Dubos, J. H. Gaddum, OwseiTemkin, and others. Experimental Pharmacogenetics. By Hans Meier. New York: Academic Press Inc., 1963. Pp. xH-213. $7.50. Experimental Pharmacogenetics reviews heritable factors recognized by the use ofdrugs and hereditary defects altering drug responses. Dborders in animals such as phenylketonuria, muscular dystrophy, diabetes, obesity, and anemias are studied for the physiopathological and biochemical information they provide in similar dborders in man. Human Fertility and Population Problems: Proceedings ofthe Seminar Sponsored in 1963 by the American Academy ofArts and Sciences. Edited by Roy O. Greep. Cambridge, Mass.: Schenkman Publishing Company, Inc., 1964. Pp. x+278. Illus. Bibliogs. $7.45 clothbound ; $2.65 paperbound. The chapters in thb book present some ofthe latest research and dbcoveries in diffèrent fields bearing on population and fertility control. They are contributed by experts in economics, sociology, and anthropology as well as in physiology, gynecology, and other clinical and research branches of medicine (Doctors Hudson Hoagland, A. S. Parkes, Gregory Pincus, John Rock, Christopher Tietze, and C. R. Garcia). Mechanisms ofHard Tissue Destruction. Edited...


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