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ANNOUNCEMENTS OF NEW BOOKS ANATOMY Cunningham's Manual ofPractical Anatomy, Vol. 2: Thorax and Abdomen, 13th ed. Revised by G. J. Romanes. London and New York: Oxford University Press, July, 1968. Pp. 300. Illus. Index. $9.00 (cloth); $6.50 (paper). This revised edition introduces material on die embryology and histology of certain organs and systems, making dieir structure and function more intelligible. Included are new dissections ofthe heart and pelvis. More than forty new illustrations and diagrams and a new series ofradiographs have been added. BIOCHEMISTRY Datafor Biochemical Research, 2d ed. Edited by R. M. C. Dawson, Daphne C. Elliott, W. H. Elliott, and Kenneth M.Jones. London and New York: Oxford University Press, November, 1968. Pp. 664. Illus. Index $15.00 (cloth); $10.00 (paper). This edition informs the research worker in biochemistry and related fields on the compounds , reagents, and techniques used most frequently in the laboratory. Material is arranged in convenient tabular form and includes data on many biochemical compounds as well as on buffers, manometry, ion-exchange materials, chromatography, and reagents. BIOLOGY The Comparative Morphology and Evolution of the Internal Female Reproductive System of Trichoptera. By John D. Unzicker. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, September, 1968. Pp. vii+72. Illus. Index. $3.95 (paper). Based on a comparative morphological study ofthe system in Trichoptera, Lepidoptera, and Mecoptera, this book reveals homologies between various internal reproductive organs in different families ofTrichoptera, presents newly discovered characters oftaxonomic importance, and offers new insights into the phylogeny ofthe order. The Fungus Spore. (Colston Research Paper No. 18.) Edited by M. F. Madelin. England and Hamden, Conn.: Butterworth & Archon Books, The Shoe String Press, Inc., 1967. Pp. xvi+338. Illus. $22.50. This book should be of interest to mycologists, physiologists, systematists, biochemists, cytologists, and geneticists. Haldane and Modern Biology. Edited by K. R. Dronamraju. Baltimore: TheJohns Hopkins Press, September, 1968. Pp. 384. Illus. Bibliog. $10.95. Reflecting die biological contributions ofJ. B. S. Haldane, this volume oforiginal essays includes biographical papers on Haldane and papers relating recent developments in Announcements ofNew Books · Advertising Perspectives in Biology and Medicine · Autumn 1968 biologyto Haldane'swork. Authors includeNaomi Mitchison,JoshuaLederberg, F. A. E. Crew, N. W. Pirie, N. W. Timofeeff-Ressovsky, and Arthur C. Clarke. The Hyoid and Its Associated Muscles in Snakes. By David A. Langebartel. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, February, 1968. Pp. 156. Illus. Index. $4.95 (paper). This detailed study of the hyoid or total tongue skeleton in snakes expands existing knowledge of variation in the hyoid apparatus, reveals differences in musculature associated anatomically and functionally with the hyoid, and correlates these findings phylogenetically . Mathematical Thinking in Behavioral Sciences: Readingsfrom "Scientific American." Introductions by David M. Messick. San Francisco: W. H. Freeman & Co., August, 1968. Pp. 231. Illus. Bibliog. Index. $10.00 (cloth); $4.95 (paper). The book is intended as a supplement to formal texts used in training students in quantitative methods of research. Because it illustrâtes how mathematics and contemporary technology have combined to open new possibilities for behavioral research, it will prove valuable in a wide variety ofdisciplines. The Molecular Basis ofLiJe, an Introduction to Molecular Biology; Readings from "Scientific American." Introductions by Robert H. Haynes and Philip C. Hanawalt. San Francisco : W. H. Freeman & Co., September, 1968. Pp. 360. Illus. Bibliog. Index. $10.00 (cloth); $4.95 (paper). The epochal advances in our understanding ofthe material basis oflife made during the last twenty years are recounted in this book. The book is suited for use as an assigned text in courses in general biology, molecular biology, molecular biophysics, and cell physiology, as well as for self-study. Prairie Plants and Their Environment: A Fifty-Year Study in the Midwest. ByJ. E. Weaver. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, April, 1968. Pp. xiv+276. Illus. Bibliog. Index $6.95. A lifetime ofresearch by a pioneer plant ecologist includes findings on soil types, shrub and tree growth, moisture amounts, grazing practices, wind erosion, and temperature variations. More than 100 photographs record the ever changing nature ofprairie vegetation . Primitive Nervous Systems. By Thomas L. Lentz. New Haven, Conn.: Yale University Press, September, 1968. Pp. xi+148. Illus. Footnotes. Index. $6.00. Because older theories cannot entirely account for recently...


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