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  • Index Volume 31, 2009–2010

Author Index

Book Author Book Title Reviewer Issue, pg#
Appleman, Philip Karma, Dharma, Pudding & Pie Barry Wallenstein 31(1):27
Beam, Joseph, ed. In The Life: A Black Gay Anthology Alexis Pauline Gumbs 31(2):19
Bernheimer, Alan The Spoonlight Institute Gregg Biglieri 31(3):7
Bickerton, Emilie A Short History of Cashiers du Cinéma D. Matthew Ramsey 31(4):24
Biss, Eula Notes from No Man's Land: American Essays Mary Pettice 31(4):17
Bledsoe, CL Anthem Saara Myrene Raappana 31(6):26
Bond, Bruce Blind Rain Carol Niederlander 31(5):21
Boucheron, Bernard du The Voyage of the Short Serpent Dinda L. Gorlée 31(2):14
Bradley, Jerry The Importance of Elsewhere Matthew Brennan 31(2):29
Breckenridge, Donald You Are Here Laird Hunt 31(2):16
Broder, Melissa When You Say One Thing but Mean Your Mother Laurel Kallen 31(6):28
Brogan, Jacque Vaught ta(l)king eyes Heather Treseler 31(4):20
Bursey, Jeff Verbatim Sascha Pöhlmann 31(6):21
Carlin, Patricia Quantum Jitters Paula Koneazny 31(1):23
Champion, Miles Eventually Michael Gizzi 31(3):9
Clifton, Lucille Voices Frank Giampietro 31(2):28
Cole, Norma Natural Light Paula Koneazny 31(3):24
Cross, Michael In Felt Treeling Rob Halpern 31(3):6
Danielewski, Mark Z. House of Leaves Kiki Benzon 31(6):12
Daugherty, Tracy Hiding Man: A Biography of Donald Barthelme Brandon D. Shuler 31(1):25
DeLillo, Don Point Omega Stephen Burn 31(6):8
Ekman, Kerstin God's Mercy Myrdene Anderson 31(2):13
Evenson, Brian Fugue State Keith Leslie Johnson 31(1):16
Falco, Edward Saint John of the Five Boroughs Jim Ruland 31(2):20
Farkas, Andrew Self-Titled Debut Kristin Thiel 31(6):24
Federman, Raymond The Carcasses: A Fable Davis Schneiderman 31(3):16
Field, Farrah Rising Kathryn Pratt Russell 31(4):23
Fitzpatrick-O'Dinn, Dominique Table of Forms Doug Nufer 31(5):17
Fondation, Larry Unintended Consequences Mike Ingram 31(4):19
Foer, Johnathon Safran Eating Animals Yevgeniya Traps 31(6):23
Frangello, Gina Slut Lullabies Megan Milks 31(6):18
Frazer, Vernon Emblematic Moon Bob Grumman 31(1):28
Freilicher, Mel The Unmaking Americans: 7 Lives Gary Lain 31(5):15
Fulton, John The Animal Girl Lise Clavel 31(5):10
Gizzi, Michael New Depths of Deadpan William Corbett 31(3):9
Golan, Martin Where Things Are When You Lose Them Chet Kozlowski 31(5):22
Gospodinov, Georgi And Other Stories Steven Wingate 31(1):31
Gottlieb, Michael Memoir and Essay Elizabeth Fodaski 31(3):12
Grass, Günter Peeling the Onion Sascha Pöhlmann 31(5):20
Gray, Amelia AM/PM Amy L. Clark 31(1):19
Gutierrez, Stephen D. Live From Fresno y Los Christine Granados 31(2):23
Hess, Walter Jew's Harp Doris Barkin 31(4):14
Hoover, Paul Sonnet 56 Renee Risher 31(3):29
Horack, Skip The Southern Cross Jonathan Liebson 31(2):22
Hrdy, Sarah Blaffer Mothers and Others: The Evolutionary Origins of Mutual Understanding Gerard J. van den Broek 31(2):24
Hudder, Cliff Splinterville Brian Allen Carr 31(5):5
Hunt, Laird Ray of the Star Leora Lev 31(3):18
Johnson, Halvard Organ Harvest with Entrance of Clones George Held 31(5):12
Joyce, Michael Was: annales nomadique/a novel of internet Amy Eggert, Kass Fleisher 31(5):18
Katz, Steve Antonello's Lion Steven Wingate 31(5):13
Klink, Joanna Ciradian Rob Schlegel 31(5):26
Labiner, Norah German for Travelers: A Novel in 95 Lessons Abby Nance 31(4):13
Laskin, Pamela L. Van Gogh's Ear Rauschenbusch, Stephanie 31(6):25
Lin, Tan plagiarism/outsourced, Notes Towards the Definition of Culture, Untitled Heath Ledger Project, a history of the search engine, disco OS Charles Bernstein 31(3):5
Lotman, Juri Culture and Explosion Dinda L. Gorlée 31(4):27
Loomis, Sabra House Held Together by Winds Laurel Blossom 31(5):4
Lourie, Dick If the Delta Was the Sea CL Bledsoe 31(2):27
Lowry, Lois Crow Call Dinda L. Gorlée 31(6):26
Manning, Maurice Bucolics Lynnell Edwards 31(5):27
Marderness, William How to Read a Myth...


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