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ANNOUNCEMENTS OF NEW BOOKS BIOLOGY An Atlas of Primate Gross Anatomy: Baboon, Chimpanzee, and Man. By Daris R. Swindler and Charles D. Wood. Seattle, Washington 98195: University of Washington Press, May 1973. Pp. 384. Illus. Bibliog. Index. $30.00. A pictorial study of the gross anatomy of baboon, chimpanzee, and man, this regional atlas depicts in detail the significant morphological similarities and differences among them. Their anatomy is depicted in detail, region by region, from superficial to deep, and, when applicable, various systems are presented in total for comparison. Biology, History, and Natural Philosophy. By Allen D. Breck and Wolfgang Yourgrau. New York 10011: Plenum Publishing Corp., August 1972. Pp. 355. Illus. Index. $22.50. Recognizing that a common bond exists among biology, history, and natural philosophy , this significant work relates three disciplines in a search for a comprehensive understanding of nature. The proceedings of the Second International Colloquium held at the University of Denver, Colorado. A Dictionary of Biology, 6th ed. By M. Abercrombie, C. J. Hickman, and M. L. Johnson. Baltimore, Maryland 21207: Penguin Books, Inc., July 1973. Pp. 312. Illus. $1.95. This valuable dictionary—newly revised and updated—covers the whole range of biological terminology. The authors—all eminent biologists—have aimed to explain terms that a layman might encounter in scientific literature, to define the words that a student of biology has to master, and to provide a reminder for the professional reading outside his own narrow specialty. The entries are not restricted to bare definitions: additional information is given about most of the terms so as to convey their full significance to biological discussion. Evolutionary Biology of the Anurans: Contemporary Research on Major Problems . Edited by James L. Vial. Columbia, Missouri 65201: University of Missouri Press, April 1973. Pp. 528. Illus. Bibliog. Index. $20.00. Sixteen distinguished amphibian biologists present an extensive contemporary review and synthesis of those fields that relate significantly to the evolution of frogs and toads. Their separate analyses focus on evolutionary mechanisms and patterns from the perspectives of behavior, bioacoustics, biochemistry, biogeography, de velopment, ecology, genetics, morphology, paleontology, and reproductive biology. Perspectives in Biology and Medicine · Summer 1973 Gene Expression and Its Regulation. Edited by Francis T. Kenney, Barbara A. Hamkalo, Gabriel Favelukes, and J. Thomas August. New York 10011: Plenum Publishing Corp., March 1973. Pp. 557. Illus. Index. $29.50. Reviewing current developments in the field of gene expression and its regulation in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, this comprehensive volume, dedicated to the late Professor Bernardo Alberto Houssay, presents an up-to-date review of the state of the art and suggests areas for future research. Gray's Anatomy, 35th British ed. Edited by Roger Warwick and Peter L. Williams . London: Distribution rights in U.S.A. only, W. B. Saunders Co., April 1973. Pp. 1,500 (approx.) Illus. Index. $32.00 (approx.). The thirty-fifth British edition of the original Gray's Anatomy represents a synthesis of the latest anatomic knowledge and reflects every significant recent advance , research finding, and improvement in techniques of anatomical study. Organized by systems with histology integrated throughout; updated data on embryology . Grouse and Quails of North America. By Paul A. Johnsgard. Lincoln, Nebraska 68508: University of Nebraska Press, April 1973. Pp. 553. Illus. (color photos and drawings). Bibliog. Index. $25.00. All grouse, quails, and partridges north of Guatemala are depicted for the first time in 140 photographs and paintings (52 in color) and 45 drawings, including the downy young of 23 of the 25 species. Part I, for specialists; biological, evolutionary , and ecological comparisons; aviculture; conservation, and recreational values. Part II, for laymen: individual species accounts, hand and field identification , ecological and breeding summaries. Identification keys, name derivations. Hierarchy Theory: The Challenge of Complex Systems. Edited by Howard H. Pattee. New York 10016: George Braziller, Inc., March 1973. Pp. 156. Bibliog. $6.95 (cloth); $2.95 (paper). Herbert A. Simon on "The Organization of Complex Systems," Clifford Grobstein on "Hierarchical Order and Neogenesis," James Bonner on "Hierarchical Control Programs in Biological Development," Howard Pattee on "The Physical Basis and Origin of Hierarchical Control," Richard Levins on "The Limits of Complexity," and a postscript by the editor. Molecular Biology of Plants: A...


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