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PERSPECTIVES IN BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE Volume 16 · Number 4 · Summer 1973 EDITORIAL: CHANGE IN EDITORSHIP My editorship of Perspectives ends with this issue and coincides with my retirement as a professor at the University of Chicago. The new editor is a friend and colleague, Richard L. Landau, professor of medicine at the University of Chicago. The first issue of Perspectives was published in the autumn of 1957. The following quotations are from the Introductory Editorial: "This journal is designed to communicate heuristic ideas. We hope that the reader will carry these ideas to the laboratory and to the bedside.—The orientation of Perspectives will be toward man and his illnesses, but with appreciation of the fact that the roots of medical theory reach into all fields of biology." Perspectives was once described as "free-wheeling" and that characterization pleased us. I mention for the first time in this journal that the person who inspired me to plan it was Fuller Albright, a bold thinker, brilliant medical scientist, and good friend. There have been other kindred spirits in my past who have known the uses of free fancy linked to subsequent tests by evidence and reason. Among them were Walter B. Cannon, Edwin J. Kepler, C. Judson Herrick, Charles B. Huggins, John R. Piatt, and Hans Selye. The success of Perspectives represents the efforts of our boards, sponsors, the University of Chicago Press, our managing editors, and most of all our authors. I thank all of them for making possible my 16 pleasant years with the journal, and extend best wishes for the future to the editors and the editorial board. I shall continue my association as advisory editor. D. J. I. Perspectives in Biology and Medicine · Summer 1973 | 485 ...


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