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ANNOUNCEMENTS OF NEW BOOKS BIOLOGY Biology Data Book 2d ed., vol. 3. Edited by Phillip L. Altman and Dorothy S. Dittmer. Bethesda, Maryland 20014: Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, September 1974. Pp. xvii+676. Illus. Bibliog. Index. $30.00; $75.00 for the 3-vol. set. A reference volume of evaluated quantitative and qualitative data (with 5,935 appended literature citations) on nutrition, digestion, and excretion; metabolism; respiration and circulation; and blood and other body fluids. Two appendixes provide cross-reference to scientific and equivalent common names listed in the book. Cerebellar Cortex. By S. L. Palay and V. Chan-Palay. Berlin, Heidelberg, and New York: Springer-Verlag, Inc., 1973. Pp. 400. Illus. $60.10. This book deals with the fine structure and organization of the cerebellar cortex of the rat. Each of the cell types and afferent fibers in the cerebellar cortex is taken up in turn and described. Both optical and electron miscroscopy are used and profusely illustrated. All of the known synaptic junctions are characterized and their functions discussed from the anatomical point of view. Cerebellar Cortex states new principles oforganization derived from the cytology of this cortex and presents the only comprehensive volume of the cerebellar cortex of a mammal, studied at the cytological level. Concepts in Ethology: Animal and Human Behavior. By M. W. Fox. Minneapolis, Minnesota 55455: University of Minnesota Press, September 1974. Pp. xvi + 139. Illus. Bibliog. Index. $8.50. An illuminating introduction to ethology, with a foreword by René Dubos, Dr. Fox reviews the origins and concepts, discusses the application to animal science and medicine, and speculates on how the new perspective afforded by ethological studies may be used to improve the world environment for both man and animals. Corpuscles: Atlas of Red Blood Cell Shapes. By Marcel Bessis. Translated from French. New York, New York 10010: Springer-Verlag, Inc., 1974. Pp. 140. Illus. $26.20. This atlas reveals the shape of red blood cells as displayed by scanning electron microscopy. This new technique allows the red blood to appear in threedimensional form. By examining the 180 micrographs in this volume Announcements of New Books hematologists may equip themselves to distinguish in the morphology of red cells nuances which were not appreciated previously. There are nearly 5,000 selected references to reviews and outstanding articles dealing with the physiology and biochemistry which underlie the morphologic changes discussed. Evolutionary Biology, vol. 7. Edited by Theodosius Dobzhansky, Max K. Hecht, and William C. Steere. London and New York: Plenum Publishing Corp., December 1974. Pp. 320. Index. $24.95. Maintaining the scope established in the preceding volumes of this valuable series, volume 7 provides research workers and students with expert assessments of developments in various areas of their fields. Some of the vital topics covered by specialists are the paleobiology of the Precambrian, biochemical parameters of fungal phylogenetics, potential and actual gene flow in plants, and politics and evolutionary process. Formerly published by Appleton-Century-Crofts. The Functioning Cytoplasm. By Ruth Ellen Bulger and Judy May Strum. London and New York: Plenum Publishing Corp., June 1974. P. 127. Index. $25.00. An excellent introductory text for the serious and inquiring student of cellular biology, this volume reviews in depth the current body of knowledge concerning the structure and function ofthe cell and its organelles. Concentrating mainly on animal cells, this work is ail assimilation of experiments by noted scientists on such topics as energy production and use, structural engineering in cells, the intracellular digestive tract, and how tissues transport substances. Handbook of Sensory Physiology, vol. 5/1: Auditory System. Edited by H. Autrum, R. Jung, W. R. Loewenstein, D. M. MacKay, and H. L. Teuber. Berlin, Heidelberg , and New York: Springer-Verlag, Inc., 1974. Pp. 800. $1 18.00 (approx.). This volume assembles and organizes the results of research on all matters affecting the physiology of hearing, including the physics of acoustic stimuli, anatomy, behavioral research, and psycho-acoustics. It also covers a number of clinically important themes and certain rather specialized topics, such as the effects of noise, models of the internal ear, electrical stimulation of the acoustic system, and the evolution of hearing in vertebrates. Illustrated Human Embryology, vol. 3: Nervous...


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