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15.Ilza Veith. Op. cit., pp. 97-98. 16.Charles P. Fitzgerald. A short cultural history ofChina, p. 93. New York: Appleton -Century Co., 1935. 17.Ibid., pp. 73-74. 18.Ibid., pp. 580-81. 19.Tsuen-hsuin Tsien. Far Eastern Quarterly, 13:321, 1954. 20.Ssu-yüTengandJoHNK. Fairbank. China'sresponseto theWest, p.267. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1954. 21.Legge, op. cit., p. 255. READING SPECTROGRAMS Widiin the focused circle a rich bewilderment oflines and spaces. Spin the wheel. Watch the black bisectors move. Careful. Precisely measure this Une, that multiplet, the other triad outlining stellar chaos: die bright cathode identified. Within this disk galactic distances. Here the interferences of waves. Quick! Grab a spinning small electron by the tail and twist it! Assemble a various cosmos into array and order. J. R. P. 546 Ilza Veith · Evolution in the Far East Perspectives in Biology and Medicine · Summer i960 ...


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