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ANNOUNCEMENTS OF NEW BOOKS Behavior of the Lower Organums. Reprint. By H. S. Jennings. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, July 1976. Pp. 400. Illus. Bibliog. Index. $12.50 (cloth); $6.95 (paper). A descriptive and experimental classic still cited in contemporary controversies, this book continues to be a basic resource for students of animal behavior. It is a major work of a remarkable scientist, Herbert Spencer Jennings (1868-1947) and an extremely important text in the history of experimental biology and behavioristic psychology. Comparative Animal Cytology and Histology. By Ulrich Welsch and Volker Storch. Translated by Ulrich Welsch and Volker Storch with R. P. Dales. Seattle: University of Washington Press, October 1976. Pp. 358. Illus. Bibliog. Index. $14.50. Revised and enlarged since its original publication, the English edition provides a detailed and systematic examination of the microscopic structure of animals, valuable as an introduction and reference tool for both student and biologist. More than half of the 174 illustrations are electromicrographs or line drawings based on electron micrographs. Ethics and Population. Edited by Michael D. Bayles. Cambridge, Mass.: Schenkman Publishing Co., 1976. Pp. xxxviii+190. Bibliog. Brought together here is the work of some of the most distinguished thinkers in the fields of ethics and population as they write on the moral issues involved in population control. The reader is exposed to the breadth of opinion that exists on various ethical aspects of population control. Immunologic Psychology and Psychiatry. By Wallace Marshall. University: University of Alabama Press, February 1977. Pp. 240. Bibliog. Index. $12.50. Immunologic Psychology and Psychiatry presents a theory of learning and memory based on cell and tissue sensitivity. Wallace Marshall, M.D., relying on current advances in the neural sciences, offsets the inability of both psychoanalysis and behaviorism to relate normal to abnormal behavior and avoids their metaphysical reasoning. Oxygen Transport to Tissue—//. Edited by Jürgen Grote, Daniel Reneau, and Gerhard Thews. New York: Plenum Press, November 1976. Pp. 780. Chap. bibliog. Index. $49.50. This up-to-date report, dealing with problems related to transport under normal physiological and pathophysiological conditions, examines such topics as oxygen Perspectives in Biofogy and Medicine · Winter 1977 measurements in blood and tissue, blood oxygenation and tissue respiration, mathematically descriptive models for oxygen transport in blood and tissue, oxygen supply of the CNS, and perinatal oxygen supply. The Use and Abuse of Biology. By Marshall Sahlins. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, November 1976. Pp. 120. Illus. Bibliog. $3.95 (paper). An eloquent indictment of the elastic claims of sociobiology by a leading anthropologist . The pervasiveness of culture in determining human behavior clearly undermines the reductionist arguments of the sociobiologists. Covers kin selection, reciprocal truism, and similar constructs. Describes the recycled social Darwinism now in fashion. The Year in Endocrinology: 1975-1976. Edited by Sidney Ingbar. New York: Plenum Medical Book Co., December 1976. Pp. 315. Illus. Tables, Chap, bibliog . Index. $22.50. This comprehensive annual series provides readers with a broad review of all important developments in major areas of endocrinology. Clinical and research advances are discussed, organ by organ, by acknowledged experts. Each volume also reviews topics of intense current interest that may involve serverai organs or their products. The Year in Metabolism: 1975-1976. Edited by Norbert Freinkel. New York: Plenum Medical Book Co., December 1976. Pp. 315. Illus. Tables. Chap, bibbibliog . Index. $22.50. This volume introduces a major series that will keep researchers, students, and clinicans abreast of the latest advances in metabolism. Basic metabolic mechanisms as well as disorders are considered from genetic, physiologic, and biochemical points of view. Emphasis is on the clinical importance of research advances. Announcements of New Books ...


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