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The Vestibular System. Edited by Ralph F. Naunton. New York: Academic Press, 1975. Pp. 475. $24.50. This is the textbook of the proceedings of the Symposium on the Vestibular System organized and held at the University of Chicago in the spring of 1973. The emphasis of the symposium was two-fold: first, to provide, by multidisciplinary representation of scientists and clinicians, a body of reviews and current observations on the state of the art of the anatomical, physiological, and clinical aspects of the vestibular system; and second, to bring the scientists and clinicians together on panels for open discussion of subjects of mutual interest. The panel of program participants included a number of distinguished speakers from abroad, and the discussion following each presentation is fully recorded. The general intent of the symposium was to bridge the knowledge gap between research scientists and clinicians in the field. Thus the conference was organized by two such individuals, currently at the University of Chicago: Dr. Cesar Fernandez, noted for his scientific and research accomplishments, and Dr. Ralph Naunton, eminent in the clinical field. The symposium and text followed the traditional format, commencing with anatomy, two sections on physiology, and one on the vestibular examination. The clinical section included a round-table discussion of electronystagmogram, a number of presentations on diseases of the peripheral system, a round table on eye movements, and finally presentations and a panel on disorders of the central vestibular system. Both the subject and author indexes are well organized, including references to the informal discussions, as well as to the regular presentations. Perhaps the most illuminating sections were the round-table discussions, and in particular the discussion ofeye movements by Drs. Bernard Cohen and David A. Robinson makes fascinating reading. For the practicing physician working with "dizzy patients," the text is full of useful information that can be applied in the office. For the physician interested in applying more basic concepts to the clinical situation, there is indeed a gold mine of information available to him in this publication. I can recommend this book most highly. Cecil W. Hart 707 North Fairbanks Court Chicago, Illinois 60611 316 Book Reviews ...


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