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MORRIS FISHBEIN, M.D. (1889-1976) Morris Fishbein neither practiced medicine nor did research, but it may be true, as is frequently claimed, that his was the best known name in the world of medicine. He will be remembered as a man of great intellect, wit, and a remarkable number of important accomplishments. As an editor, author, and lecturer he linked wisdom and humor. He was a pioneer spokesman against medical quackery. He spoke for scientific medicine. He advised on many enterprises which included medical education , medical publications, manufacture of pharmaceuticals, and the guidance of private fund-raising agencies. As the editor of theJournal of the American Medical Association Morris Fishbein became the spokesman for American medicine on sociologie matters. This was the journal in which to publish important medical research and clinical reports. He read voraciously and seemed to remember everything. Doctor Fishbein was an unabashed egotist. His rationalization for this was simple; to have represented his abilities and accomplishments as modest would have been false. His egoism and practice of namedropping annoyed some, but they were also likely to be amazed by the number of doctors, scientists, authors, musicians, politicians, entertainers , and sports figures who were a part of his life. Shortly after Perspectives was founded Doctor Fishbein was invited to become a member of our Advisory Board. He agreed to accept if he could be an active adviser. He characterized Perspectives as a "think" journal. He met with us at regular intervals, was helpful in raising subsidy , in promotions, the selection of authors, and he wrote for us often. A session with Morris Fishbein was enjoyable, an experience to be recalled and cherished.—D.J. I. 168 Morris Fishbein, M.D. ...


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