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PERSPECTIVES IN BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE Volume 20 ¦ Number 2 ¦ Winter 1977 EDITORIAL: PERSPECTIVES' TWENTIETH YEAR Twenty years ago Perspectives in Biology and Medicine was just an idea for a new kind of periodical. Now as ajournai we acknowledge the many whose efforts have helped make the concept a reality. First, of course, our authors who generally have had something important to say and, by and large, have said it quite well. A complementary group, the distinguished members of the editorial board and the advisory board have shaped the journal, insisted upon the highest intellectual standards, assisted authors with perspicacious suggestions, and provided invaluable guidance to the editorial office. Their names are listed on the inside of thejournal cover. Do look them over. PBM is not the official publication of any professional organization or society. Editorial board members serve without remuneration and are remarkably loyal. Eight members of the editorial board (William B. Bean, N.J. Berrill, George L. Engel, M. S. Goldstein, James V. Neel, Irvine H. Page, Theodore Rasmussen, and Alfred E. Wilhelmi) and four members of the advisory board (René J. Dubos, DeWitt Stetten, Jr., Paul Weiss, and U. S. von Euler) have been with the journal since the first issue. Board members seldom resign. From time to time new board members have been added. It is our pleasure to announce here that Saul Jarcho, John C. Nemiah, Van R. Potter, Jay Tepperman, and Lewis Thomas have joined the editorial board, and Charlotte Auerbach, D. de Duve, and Ragnar Granit have been added to our advisory board.—R. L. L. Perspectives in Biology and Medicine ¦ Winter 1977 | 167 ...


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