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ANNOUNCEMENTS OF NEW BOOKS Adaptation. By Bruce Wallace and Adrian M. Srb. 2d ed. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1964. Pp. ix+H5. $3.95 (cloth); $1.75 (paper). Adding a Dimension. By Isaac Asimov. New York: Doubleday & Co., Inc., 1964. Pp. xi+202. $3.95. Advances in Cardiopulmonary Diseases, Vol. 2. Edited by Andrew L. Banyai, M.D., and Burgess L. Gordon, M.D. Chicago: Year Book Medical Publishers, Inc., 1964. Pp. 347. $12.00. Selected lectures from the 1962 Series ofPostgraduate Courses ofthe American College ofChest Physicians. An authoritative guide to the diagnosis and treatment as well as the rehabilitation ofthe cardiopulmonary cripple. Advances in Enzyme Regulation, Vol. 2. Edited by George Weber. Oxford: Macmillan (a Pergamon Press Book), 1964. Pp. x+400. Illus. $15.00. This volume contains the proceedings ofthe second symposium on enzyme regulation, held at the Indiana School ofMedicine in 1963. It gives a critical account ofthe latest research on the biochemistry, physiology, and pathology ofthe regulation ofenzyme activity and synthesis in the liver. Advances in Internal Medicine, Vol. 12. Edited by William Dock, M.D., and I. Snapper, M.D. Chicago: Year Book Medical Publishers, Inc., 1964. Pp. approx. 380. Approx. $10.00. A collection ofdetailed reports ofevents in internal medicine ofmore than ordinary interest . Contents: Diabetic Enteropathy; Hypoglycemia due to Fibrous Tumors of the Abdomen; New Aspects in Metabolic Diseases; Pyridoxin Responsive Anemias; Aerospace Medicine; Clinical Importance of the Bactériologie Examination of Sputum; Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema; Renal Acidosis. Agricultural Genetics. By James L. Brewbaker. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1964. Pp. xiv+156. Illus. $4.95 (cloth); $2.95 (paper). Contents: Biological Variation; Breeding Systems; Discontinuous Variation; Continuous Variation; Heterosis; Polyploidy; Mutation; Parasitism and Symbiosis; Genetic Advance through Selection. Only current introductory text dealing primarily with genetic principles and analysis ofgenetic variance as foundations for animal and plant improvement. Putting inherited superiority to work is a basic objective emphasized. Andreas Vesalius ofBrussels—!¡14-1564. By C. D. O'Malley. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1964. Pp. xv+480. $10.00. Announcements ofNew Books · Advertising Perspectives in Biology and Medicine · Summer 1964 Animal & Clinical Pharmacologie Techniques in Drug Evaluation. Edited by John H. Nodlne , M.D., and Peter E. Siegler, M.D. Chicago: Year Book Medical Publishers, Inc., 1964. Pp. approx. 700. Approx. $15.00. The book is divided into two major sections. The first discusses basic principles ofclinical pharmacology and general principles ofdrug metabolism and drug evaluation in man. Part Two consists ofpaired chapters covering individual types ofpharmacologic agents. The first chapter describes animal techniques; the second outlines clinical techniques. Biochemistry ofthe Alligator: A Study ofMetabolism in Slow Motion. By Roland A. Coulson and Thomas Hernandez. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1964. Pp. XX+138. Illus. Index. Appendix. $10.00. This in vivo study ofmetabolism andthekidney is dedicated to those scientists who believe the whole is greater than the sum ofits parts. The Biological Control ofInsect Pests and Weeds. Edited by Paul De Bach, assisted by Evert I. Schlinger. London: Chapman 6c Hall; New York: Reinhold Publishing Corporation, 1964. Pp. 930. Illus. Bibliog. Index. $22.50. Current theory, practice, and results of biological control. Successful biological control projects from around the world plus new natural enemies from most major countries are listed. Ecological basis ofcontrol, quarantine handling, culture methods, insect pathology, and a complete analysis of international cases of biological control are among topics covered. Biostatistics: An Introductory Text. By Avram Goldstein. New York: Macmillan Co.. 1964. Pp. ix+272. $9.50. The Biosynthesis ofSteroids, Terpenes, and Acetogenins. ByJ. H. Richards andJ. B. Hendrickson . New York: W. A. Benjamin, Inc., 1964. Pp. approx. 416. Illus. Bibliog. Index. $19.75. Reviews the subject from the standpoint ofboth the organic chemist interested in structural features and correlations of natural products and the biochemist interested in the detailed biosynthetic processes by which the simple two-carbon molecule ofacetic acid is built up into a vast array ofbiologically important compounds. Chemical Backgroundforthe Biological Sciences. By Emil H. White. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1964. Pp. viii-l-152. $4.95 (cloth); $1.95 (paper). Circulation ofthe Blood—Men and Ideas. Edited by Alfred P. Fishman and Dickinson W...


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