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Studies in English Literature 1500–1900 Volume 50, 2010 CONTENTS Abstracts, Autumn 949 Abstracts, Spring 525 Abstracts, Summer 735 Abstracts, Winter 259 Airey, Jennifer L., “Eve’s Nature, Eve’s Nurture in Dryden’s Edenic Opera” 529 Allen, Kristie M., “Habit in George Eliot’s The Mill on the Floss” 831 Angus, Bill, “The Roman Actor, Metadrama, Authority, and the Audience” 445 Ardolino, Frank, “Misperception and Protestant Reading in Gammer Gurton’s Needle” 17 Bartels, Emily C., and Emma Smith, “Recent Studies in Tudor and Stuart Drama” 465 Butler, Todd, “Swearing Justice in Henry Goodcole and The Witch of Edmonton” 127 Cauchi, Francesca, “A Rereading of Wordsworth’s Presence in Shelley’s Alastor” 759 Chavez, Julia McCord, “The Gothic Heart of Victorian Serial Fiction” 791 Cleary, Scott M., “Slouching toward Augusta: Alexander Pope’s 1736 ‘Windsor Forest’” 645 Cohen, Scott, “Counterfeiting and the Economics of Kingship in Milton’s Eikonoklastes” 147 Dowd, Christopher, “Polysemic Brotherhoods in Henry V” 337 Downie, J. A., “Rehabilitating Sir Thomas Bertram” 739 Duncan, Ian, “Recent Studies in the Nineteenth Century” 895 Ferguson, Christine, “Zola in Ghostland: Spiritualist Literary Criticism and Naturalist Supernaturalism” 877 Gavin, Michael, “James Boswell and the Uses of Criticism” 665 Gelineau, David, “Following the Leaf through Part of Dryden’s Fables” 557 Gregory, Tobias, “The Political Messages of Samson Agonistes” 175 Hunt, Maurice, “The Garter Motto in The Merry Wives of Windsor” 383 Iovan, Sarah, “Performing Voices in the English Lute Song” 63 Karpinska, Monika, “Early Modern Dramatizations of Virgins and Pregnant Women” 427 Kramnick, Jonathan, “Recent Studies in the Restoration and Eighteenth Century” 683 LaBreche, Ben, “Patronage, Friendship, and Sincerity in Bacon and Spenser” 83 Lim, Walter S. H., “Surety and Spiritual Commercialism in The Merchant of Venice” 355 Linker, Laura, “Catharine Trotter and the Humane Libertine” 583 Malson-Huddle, Elizabeth, “Anne Askew and the Controversy over the Real Presence” 1 McIntosh, Hugh, “The Social Masochism of Shakespeare’s Sonnets” 109 Moore, Roger E., “Sir Philip Sidney’s Defense of Prophesying” 35 Novak, Maximillian E., “‘The Sum of Humane Misery’? Defoe’s Ambiguity toward Exile” 601 Packard, Bethany, “Lavinia as Coauthor of Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus” 281 Pritchard, Jonathan, “Pope at Chiswick” 625 Rappoport, Jill, “The Price of Redemption in ‘Goblin Market’” 853 Rena-Dozier, Emily, “Re-gendering the Domestic Novel in David Copperfield” 811 Reynolds, Paige Martin, “George Peele and the Judgment of Elizabeth I” 263 Smith, Emma, see under Bartels 465 Smith, Rochelle, “King-Commoner Encounters in the Popular Ballad, Elizabethan Drama, and Shakespeare” 301 Stewart, David, “Commerce, Genius, and De Quincey’s Literary Identity” 775 Teskey, Gordon, “Recent Studies in the English Renaissance” 205 Totaro, Rebecca, “Securing Sleep in Hamlet” 407 Walls, Kathryn, “Titus Oates as ‘Monumental Brass’ in Absalom and Achitophel” 545 ...


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