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ANNOUNCEMENTS OF NEW BOOKS BIOLOGY Experimental Coelenterate Biology. Edited by Howard M. Lenhoff, Leonard Muscatine, and Lary V. Davis. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, February 1971. Pp. 200. Illus. Bibliog. Index. $12.00. The fifteen articles presented here are the result of a summer workshop conducted in 1967 by graduate students and instructors at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology. Using relatively simple biochemical techniques, the group investigated diverse areas of Coelenterata behavior. Introductory material is provided by the editors. Introduction to Herpetology, 2d ed. By Coleman J. Goin and Olive B. Gonsr. San Francisco and England: W. H. Freeman and Company,January 1971. Illus. The second edition of a broadly based study ofthe amphibians and reptiles. Examples and illustrative material are balanced between native and exotic forms of these two important classes of animals. Retains the basic organization and philosophy of the first edition, but includes new and updated material. Methods in Mammalian Embryology. Edited by Joseph C. Daniel, Jr. San Francisco and England: W. H. Freeman and Company, January 1971. Pp. 521 (approx.). Illus. Index. $22.50. A handbook for use by investigators in experimental mammalian embryology. The first complete and detailed description ofmethods currently used in this field. Emphasis is on the newest techniques developed through work with both laboratory and domestic animals. Neutrality Control in the Living Organism. By Halvor N. Christensen. Philadelphia, London and Toronto: W. B. Saunders Co., January 1971. Pp. 160. Illus. Index. $6.50 (approx.). In six hours' study, this self-teaching program explains the contributions of the major body compartments to the production and disposition ofthe hydrogen ion. Such topics as the deposition and dissolution of bone and the role ofdiphosphogluceric acid in the function ofhemoglobin are developed naturally and logically. Nucleus and Cytoplasm, 2d ed. By Henry Harris. London and New York: Oxford fe! University Press, 1970. Pp. 200. Illus. Bibliog. Index. $8.75 (cloth); $3.75 (paper). In this new edition, special consideration is given to important developments which have taken place in this field over the last two years. The role of"repressors" in transcriptional control ofenzyme synthesis in bacteria, the identification methods ofmessenger RNA, and the analysis ofnucleo-cytoplasmic relationships in higher cells are discussed. Announcements ofNew Books Perspectives in Biology and Medicine · Winter 1971 GENERAL Science and Responsibility. By Andrew G. vanMelsen. Pittsburgh: Duquesne University Press, 1970. Pp. 172. $6.95. This is a book for anyone who wishes to reflect upon the ediical background ofscience in general and his own in particular. The enormous possibilities for good and evil disclosed by modern science make the responsibility of the man ofscience most evident. But what does this responsibility involve? And how does it relate to the unity and variety of the sciences? The author endeavors to answer these questions in this work. MEDICINE Circulation. By Björn Folkow and Eric Neil. New York: Oxford University Press, 1971. Pp. 640. Illus. Bibliog. Index. $15.00. This comprehensive work in cardiovascular physiology offers an integrated account of normal cardiovascular function with particular stress upon regulation. The biophysical background is presented, followed by die elements of cardiovascular physiology, the integration ofthese elements, and circulation in various individual tissues. The remaining chapters deal with the two major circulatory disorders—shock and hypertension Drugs and Youth: Medical, Psychiatric and Legal Facts. By Robert Coles, M.D., Joseph Brenner, M.D., and Dermot Meagher. New York: Liveright Publishing Corp., July 1970. Pp. 258. Index. $5.95. Three experts view the drug problem. Robert Coles, well-known author, is a member of the staffof Harvard University Healdi Services. Joseph Brenner, as director of the free medical clinic in Cambridge, has treated many young people. Dermot Meagher has tried numerous drug cases as assistant district attorney for Worcester County. Epidermolysis Bullosa: A Clinical, Genetic and Epidemiologic Study. By Tobias GeddeDahl ,Jr. Baltimore: TheJohns Hopkins Press,January 1971. Pp. 180. Illus. Bibliog. Index. $20.00. Although morphologic studies have identified commonfeatures ofepidermolysis bullosa, the pathogenesis of the disabling and sometimes fatal disease is imperfectly understood. This comprehensive study attempts to obtain more precise understanding ofits etiology by analyzing the clinical types, genetic determinants, and epidemiologic distribution in the population ofNorway. Experimentation with Human Subjects. Edited...


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