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PERSPECTIVES IN BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE Volume 14 · Number 2 · Winter 1971 EDITORIAL: ANAWARD TO "PERSPECTIVES" On September 25, 1970 the American Medical Writers Association presented its Honor Award to thisjournal. This is the third award to Perspectives in six years. We are very proud ofthese awards and know that they have come because ofour outstanding authors. We are proud ofthe additional encouragement that comes to us by letter and word ofmouth from both authors and readers. Thisjournal differs from others in several ways. We believe that freedom of speech extends to style, content, and length. It is the business of editors to make helpful suggestions, to correct errors, to encourage conciseness and good taste, and to sometimes say "no." Insofar as is practical, each essay is published as the author would like to have it. We have no inflexible strictures on subjects. The range has been from quantum biology to sermons. The AMWA once described Perspectives as "free-wheeling," and this characterization pleased us. We think that some humor is salubrious. We will continue to welcome comments and suggestions from readers. 181 ...


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