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5 . V o P i ?g-1 1 , mhe Ladder of Success in Imperial China , ? . 3 5 » ó. Wen-nsien Is7Ur.!- *ieñ (Taipei 196'4~~reprinTT, ppTlü?, 869, 292, and ap?. Jonathan D„Sx;ence Piesearcp suggestions lor the period 1800-1900. Thoughts after reading Jean Chesneaux and John Lust, Introduction aux Etudes d'Histoire Contemporaine de Chine, which lists suggested research problems for the period 1898-1937. G,, Understudied or. abortive peasant risings. The outbreak ? and disorders that are still comparatively unknown—what variety o patterns appears in their background, origin, and progress? Whet patterns of failure or suppression? (Ch'mg ahih-iu as starting point .) 2. Domestic opium production and trade. Production within China appears to have begun well before 1840» It exceeded the British Indian importation after the 1880's, if not before. What were the political context, geographical distribution, financing and management, transport routes and market areas, social context and effects of domestic opium trade? (Maritime Customs reports provide preliminary estimates.) 3· Reman Catholic missions in nineteenth century China. An underdeveloped subject. What social coir^umty , what. Chines.e-Iaagua, publications, wr.a* role m local political life? (V/nat's the stcrv on St. Louis getting a film of the Catholic archives?) Jc'an X ,.Fairbank (East Asian Hesearch Center, 1737 Cambridge St, Cambridge, Mas?.) ...


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