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  • From the Editor
  • Ralph W. Mathisen

The second number of our third volume is a very international volume, with contributors from Italy, England, Scotland, and Turkey. It also is something of an "illustrated" issue, containing two contributions that to a greater or lesser degree revolve around the many manifestations of material culture. The opening article, by Rebecca Sweetman, analyzes an extensive catalogue, accompanied by a massive array of illustrations, of the remains of no less than 130 Peloponnesian churches dating to the fourth through seventh centuries. It not only serves as an independent study in its own right, but also can be read profitably in conjunction with Laurence Foschia's study of Greek cult places in JLA 2.2. And in another illustrated study, Deborah Deliyannis looks at the Mausoleum of Theoderic in Ravenna, and contextualizes it in terms of the Seven Wonders of the World, drawing parallels with the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus.

This issue also includes the first of what will be a series of publications of papers presented at sessions sponsored by the Society for Late Antiquity at the annual meetings of the American Philological Association. This group of three papers, presented in a session on the topic of "The Third Sophistic" organized by Paul Kimball, includes contributions by Aaron Wenzel on "The Ideal of Athens in Late Antiquity," Heather Waddell Gruber on "Rhetorical Education and the 'Problem' of Marriage," and Giuseppe La Bua on "Patronage and Education in Third-Century Gaul." La Bua's focus on the Latin panegyric of Eumenius of Autun segues into a study by Sophie Lunn-Rockcliffe on "Ekphrasis, Poetry, and History in Pacatus' Panegyric of Theodosius." The final contribution joins that of Deliyannis in a consideration of Ostrogothic Italy with Sean Lafferty considering "Law and Society in Ostrogothic Italy: from the perspective of the Edictum Theoderici." The issue concludes with our usual collection of book reviews.

And finally, once more I make my de rigueur appeal for our readers to continue not only to submit their scholarship for publication but also to encourage colleagues and libraries to subscribe to JLA ( [End Page 201]



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