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PERSPECTIVES IN BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE Volume 22 ¦ Number 2, Part 2 ¦ Winter 1979 THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO MEDICAL CENTER CELEBRATES FIFTY YEARS On November 3, 1927, the University ofChicago opened its new hospital with new faculty on the university campus near the laboratories of basic biologic scientists. The hospital was staffed exclusively by the fulltime salaried faculty of the university clinical departments. This pioneering enterprise is still with us. During the week of November 14, 1977, the university celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of the full-time clinical departments. At this special convocation honorary degrees were awarded to several distinguished scholars and investigators. A scientific program was provided by the Dallas B. Phemister lecturer, the Walter L. Palmer lecturer, and the talks given by honorary degree awardees. The papers from these lectures have been collected for this special issue of Perspectives. Also included are the Charles B. Huggins convocation address and the early history of the institution by Walter, L. Palmer, a member of the original faculty.—R. L. L. Perspectives in Biology and Medicine · Winter 1979 ¦ Part 2 | Sl ...


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