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PERSPECTIVES IN BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE Volume 21 ¦ Number 4 · Summer 1978 EDITORIAL: PERSPECTIVES SECOND WRITING AWARD WINNER Dr. Louis Neal Irwin is the winner of the second Perspectives Writing Award for young writers. In part a personal Odyssey, "Fulfillment and Frustration: the Confessions of a Behavioral Biochemist " is the fascinating story of the important endeavors of scientists to bridge the alluring gap between molecular biology and behavioral science. Louis Irwin grew up in San Antonio and began his research career at Texas Tech by spending weeks in the desert studying the social behavior of lizards. "I still think ofmyselfas a biologist first," photo by KarlWeiiman, ThesouAEndhe says, "with specialization in physiology and behavior." He decided early to focus on the chemical basis ofbrain structure and function and worked with the late Georges Ungar during an early phase of Ungar's research on chemical transfer of acquired behavior. During his graduate work with Frederic E. Samson at the University of Kansas, Irwin became interested in the role of glycolipids and glycoproteins in brain development and plasticity and has pursued this subject since then. He has taught in the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Columbia University, and at the Wayne State University School of Medicine. While at Wayne State in Detroit, he served as an elected precinct official in his inner-city neighborhood and published a monthly neighborhood newspaper. His other avocations include an interest in Meso-American and Spanish-American history; he is currently writing a travel essay on Spain. Irwin now holdsjoint appointments as a staff scientist at M.I.T.'s Neurosciences Research Program and as a biochemist at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center for Mental Retardation. He lives with his wife, Carol, and son, Anthony, in Newton, Massachusetts. Essays awarded "honorable mention" will be published. R. L. L. Perspectives in Biology and Medicine · Summer 1978 | 475 ...


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