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  • Audio Illustrations for Restoration 34.1–2: King Arthur
  1. 1. Henry Purcell, “From Hardy Climes.” Produced by James Winn. Paul Guttry, bass; Peter Sykes, harpsichord; Reinmar Seidler, ’cello.

  2. 2. John Blow, “They encourage themselves.” Produced by James Winn. Paul Guttry, bass; Peter Sykes, organ; Reinmar Seidler, ’cello.

  3. 3. King Arthur: Act IV, Scene 2, “Come bathe with us.” This and all selections from King Arthur performed by the English Concert and Choir, conducted by Trevor Pinnock. Archiv Compact Disc 435490–2. With kind permission of Deutsche Grammophon GmbH, Hamburg.

  4. 4. King Arthur: Act I, Scene 2, “Come, if you dare.”

  5. 5. Luis Grabu, Albion and Albanius, chorus: “Let us Laugh.” Produced by James Winn. Teresa Wakim, soprano; Pamela Dellal, contralto; Jason McStoots, tenor; Sumner Thompson, baritone; Scott Metcalfe, violin; Karina Fox, violin; Reinmar Seidler, cello; Peter Sykes, harpsichord.

  6. 6. Giovanni Baptista Draghi, A Song for St. Cecilia’s Day, 1687: “The double double double beat.” The Parley of Instruments, The Playford Consort, conducted by Peter Holman. Hyperion CDH55257. By kind permission of Hyperion Records.

  7. 7. King Arthur: Act I, Scene 2, “Let our next oblation be.”

  8. 8. King Arthur: “St George, the patron of our Isle.”

  9. 9. King Arthur: Act V, Scene 2, “Our natives not alone appear

  10. 10. Purcell, Ode for Queen Mary’s birthday, 1691: “Welcome, welcome glorious morn”: “Sound all ye spheres” (selections). The King’s Consort, conducted by Robert King. Hyperion CDA66476. By kind permission of Hyperion Records.

  11. 11. King Arthur: Act II, “Hither, This Way.”

  12. 12. King Arthur: Act II, “Let Not a Moonborn Elf.”

  13. 13. King Arthur: Act I, Scene 2, “The fainting Saxons.”

  14. 14. Arne, Masque of King Arthur (1770), Overture, Con Spirito

  15. 15. Arne, Masque of King Arthur, Overture, Largo

  16. 16. Arne, Masque of King Arthur, Overture, Side-Drum March

  17. 17. “Alas the horror” (accompanied recitative)

  18. 18. “O Peace, descend” (song)

  19. 19. “Come follow me” (song)

  20. 20. “We must work, we must haste” (accompanied recitative)

  21. 21. “To virtue with rapture I bear” (song)

  22. 22. “Thus, thus I infuse” (accompanied recitative)

  23. 23. “Oh sight, the mother of desires” (accompanied recitative)

  24. 24. “’Tis sweet the blushing morn to view” (song)

Tracks 1–2 produced by James Winn.

Tracks 14–24 produced by Todd Gilman. Awet Andemicael, soprano (Tracks 17–20, 21); Alexander Woods, baroque violin (Tracks 17–20, 24); other musicians anonymous. [End Page 216]



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