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Romani Studies 5,Vol. 20, No. 2 (2010), 213–214 issn 1528–0748 (print) 1757–2274 (online) doi: 10.3828/rs.2010.9 Index to Volume 20 Articles Back where they belong: Gypsies, kidnapping and assimilation in Victorian children’s literature, Jodie Matthews 20:137 The earliest vocabulary of Romani words (c.1515) in the Collectanea of Johannes ex Grafing, a student of Johannes Reuchlin and Conrad Celtis, Georg Nicolaus Knauer 20:1 Etnografia di un libro. Scritture, politiche e parentela in una comunità di Sinti. [The ethnography of a book. Writing, politics, and kinship in a Sinti community], Paola Trevisan, book reviewed by Elisabeth Tauber 20:87 The forgotten Europeans. Art of the Romanies, Romanies in art, Kurt Holl, ed, book reviewed by Nina Stoffers 20:94 Immigrant Roma in Sicily: The role of the informal ­ economy in producing social advancement, Pietro Saitta 20:17 Minority rights protection in international law. The Roma of Europe, Helen O’Nions, book reviewed by Yaron Matras, 206 Modernity from tradition. Perspectives on Romani/Gypsy cultures, Sorbisches Museum, ed., book reviewed by Nina Stoffers 20:94 Painting the other within: Gypsies ­ according to the Bohemian artist in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Stewart Dearing 20:161 The quest for a Proto-Romani infinitive, Michael Beníšek 20:47 Roma-Zigeunerkulturen in neuen Perspektiven, Fabian Jacobs and Johannes Ries, eds. book reviewed by Yaron Matras 20:90 Romani politics in contemporary Europe: Poverty, ethnic mobilization and the neoliberal order, Nando Sigona and Nidhi Trehan, eds., book reviewed by Aidan McGarry 20:203 The spectre that haunts Italy: The systematic criminalisation of the Roma and the fears of the Heartland, Natassa Costi 105 Who speaks for Roma? Political representation of a transnational minority community , Aidan McGarry, book reviewed by Yaron Matras 20:206 ‘Zigeuner’ und Nation: Repräsentation – Inklusion – Exklusion, Herbert Uerlings and Iulia-Karin Patrut, eds., book reviewed by Michael Hönicke 20:99 Authors Beníšek, Michael 20:47 Costi, Natassa 20:105 Dearing, Stewart 20:161 Hönicke, Michael 20:99 Knauer, Georg Nicolaus 20:1 McGarry, Aidan 20:203 Matthews, Jodie 20:137 Matras, Yaron 20:90, 20:206 Saitta, Pietro 20:17 Stoffers, Nina 20:94 Tauber, Elisabeth 20:87 Subjects Avant-Garde 20:161 Bayerische Staats­bibliothek 20:1 children 20:137 comparative reconstruction 20:47 crime 20:105 Derrida 20:137 deviance 20:17 family 20:137 gerundive 20:47 Gustave Courbet 20:161 historical discrimination 20:161 historical linguistics 20:47 human security 20:105 immigration 20:17 Indo-Aryan 20:47 infinitive 20:47 informal economy 20:17 Italy 20:17 kidnapping 20:137 Kosovo 20:17 index to volume 20 214 Müller, Otto 20:161 nineteenth century 20:137 non-finite forms 20:47 painting, nineteenth-century 20:161 painting, twentieth-century 20:161 Pater noster 20:1 Populism 20:105 post-colonial theory 20:161 Proto-Romani 20:47 Romani glossary 20:1 Romani language 20:1, 20:47 Roma 20:17 Rossetti, Dante Gabriel 20:161 Sicily 20:17 social change 20:17 stress 20:105 threat perception 20:105 Victorian children’s literature 20:137 Zodiac 20:1 ...


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