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82 BULLETIN OF FRIENDS' HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION. BOOK NOTICES AND REVIEWS. Books of interest to Friends may usually be purchased at the following places : Friends' Book Store, 302 Arch Street, Philadelphia. Walter H. Jenkins, 140 N. 15 St., Philadelphia. Friends' Book and Tract Committee, 144 East 20th Street, New York City. Friends' Book and Supply House, Richmond, Indiana. Friends' Bookshop, 140, Bishopsgate, London, E. C. 2, England. When the price of an English book is given below in terms of American money, it means that one of the American book stores has quoted that price. Archambault, A. Margaretta (editor). A Guidebook of Art, Architecture, and Historic Interests in Pennsylvania. Philadelphia: John C. Winston Company. 1924. Pp. 509, cloth. $5.00. The matter of this book is arranged by counties, one chapter to a county. The book contains much condensed information,—too condensed in some notable cases. There are valuable illustrations, a scanty Table of Contents, and no Index. Haverfordians will be regaled by the following (p. 259) : " Haverford College for boys, founded in 1833 by Society of Orthodox Friends, life is focused inward, neither sight nor sound of the outer world reaches the campus of 225 acres." Conybeare, Frances Anne. Dingle Bank, the Home of the Croppers. Cambridge : W. Heffer and Sons, Ltd. 1925. Pp. 65, paper. 3 s. 6 d. This little book is something less than history and something more than genealogy. It is a charming story of James Cropper and his descendants, and their country homes, at " Dingle Bank," near Liverpool. James Cropper, Senior, was a wealthy merchant and a solid Friend, although his descendants, one after another, left the Society. The book has more dimension than mere genealogy because it tells of James Cropper's relation to the anti-slavery movement, the settlement of Sierra Leone, the Irish question, and various philanthropic ventures. There is literary merit also. Non-Friends and non-Croppers will find pleasure in the story that ends with a happy wedding at " Dingle Bank," just " before the curtain falls on the three homes described in our sketch, the closing cadence of a century full of that love and goodwill which to their founder and to his descendants had been indeed the keynote of life." BOOK NOTICES AND REVIEWS.83 Godcharles, Frederic A. Daily Stories of Pennsylvania. Milton, Penna. : Privately published. 1924. Pp. 958, cloth. $5.00. Most of these interesting stories were published originally in Pennsylvania newspapers, hence the arrangement as per calendar, and one story for every day in the year. There is a biographical sketch of Lucretia Mott (pp. 6-8), the story of the captivity among the Indians of Benjamin Gilbert and family (pp. 577-579), and many other items bearing directly or indirectly upon Quaker history. The book, on account of its arrangement, is hardly meant for consecutive reading or for reference. For occasional excursions it offers many delightful by-paths. Jones, Rufus M. The Church's Debt to Heretics. London : James Clarke and Co., Ltd. [1925.] Pp. 256, cloth. $2.00. While not primarily Quaker history, this book by Rufus M. Jones cannot be omitted from the columns of the Bulletin. There are several references to George Fox scattered through the book, and there is a brief sketch of the rise of Quakerism (pp. 245-248). More important is the background of Quaker history depicted here. This background turns out to be the long line of saintly heretics who " again and again have brought to light neglected or unemphasized truths. They have championed causes which, but for them, would have been ' lost causes.' They have made known the august authority of conscience and the immense value of the individual. They have borne a glorious testimony to the range and height of human daring and sacrifice, and they have given noble witness to the fact that one man with God on his side is unconquerable—if in fact God is on his side."—p. 26. Friends who read books will read this book. New Appreciations of George Fox. A Tercentenary Collection of Studies . London : Swarthmore Press, Ltd. 1925. Pp. 182, cloth. $1.70. Here are gathered some of the best fruits of the tercentenary year,— articles by T. Edmund...


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