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ITEMS FROM PERIODICALS.75 Cause; where Lyttleton prostitutes his abilities in defaming and attempting to ridicule a brave People ; where Gower, Grafton, & Suffolk impose upon the People in setting Affairs in a false Light; where the whole Bench of hireling Bishops, always alarmed at Abridgment of any of their privilidges, appear asleep while the Liberties of others are destroying, except in giving their Voice for it ; where Chatham, Camden, Rockingam, & Shelburne expous [expose] them & explains their Intentions, their proceedings and the futility of their attempts. I can assure thee from undoubted authority, that there are thirty Transports in the River for the sole purpose of carrying Soldiery, some of which are to load in Dublin, besides the men of War. I sincerely hope, they'll desert as soon as they land, or if they are so unhappy as to be so foolish to engage with their Friends they may not conquer. But perhaps too much already of this." ITEMS FROM PERIODICALS. Friends Intelligencer, 6 mo. 20, 1925, contains an account of Friends House, the new headquarters planned for The Society of Friends in London. There is also an illustration showing how the house will appear when completed . The 125th anniversary of the opening of the Friends' School at Gwynedd was celebrated on 5 mo. 23, 1925. Friends Intelligencer, 6 mo. 6, 1925, contains an interesting account of the reunion of teachers and pupils, and photographs of the School and the entrance to the grounds. Friends Intelligencer, 6 mo. 13, 1925, gives a photograph of Third Haven Meeting House near Easton, Maryland. This is said to be the oldest frame Meeting house or church now standing in this country. In Friends Intelligencer, 8 mo. 22, 1925, Walter C. Longstreth makes a strong plea for the use of the Friends' burial ground, at Unity and Wain Streets, Frankford, as a playground for the children of the neighborhood. Incidentally he gives a brief history of the Meeting started in 1683, and also a list of other Friends' burial grounds already in use as playgrounds. The Friend (Philadelphia), 8 mo. 6, 1925, contains an interesting account of the " Meeting for Sufferings Library " at 304 Arch Street, which Max I. Reich has been engaged in cataloguing and classifying under the direction of the Book Committee of the Representative Meeting. 76 BULLETIN OF FRIENDS' HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION. Crook Meeting House, Kendal, has recently been torn down and the materials sold. The Friend (London), 7 mo. 17, 1925, gives an interesting account of the building of the house and a description of its interior. The Friend (London), 4 mo. 17, 1925, contains an account of the Meeting House of Rook How, in North Lancashire, built in 1725. There are also two illustrations, an interior and an exterior view. Later, in the issue of 6 mo. 19, 1925, there appears a brief account of the celebration of the bicentenary of the building of Rook How Meeting House. According to The Friend (London), 4 mo. 3, 1925, Earlham Hall and estate, Norwich, have recently been purchased by the Norwich City Council. Though for five generations the home of the Gurneys, it was never owned by them; merely rented from 1786 to 1895. The American Friend, 8 mo. 6, 1925, and The Friend (Philadelphia), of the same date, print an article by William C. Allen entitled " The William Penn Country in England." The author mentions Jordans, Chaifont St. Giles, Rickmansworth, Amersham, Stoke Poges and Oxford,—each having some connection with the life of William Penn. Recent news from the Doukhobors of Canada was printed in the American Friend of 7 mo. 16 and 7 mo. 23, 1925. The gradual breakdown of communism and the rise of the " Young Doukhobor Movement " are interesting items in the story. William C. Dennis, of Washington, D. C, a Friend and a graduate of Earlham College, was sent to South America recently as general legal advisor of General John J. Pershing and General John Morrow, who were named by President Coolidge to work out the Tacna-Arica arbitration between Chile and Peru. Though still a comparatively young man, he has performed much distinguished service in the field of international relations, assisting the government at different times...


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