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ANNOUNCEMENTS OF NEW BOOKS Design and Analysis ofExperiments in the Animal and Medical Sciences, vols. 1, 2, and 3. By John L. Gill. Ames: Iowa State University Press, 1979. Pp. 430 (vol. 1); 310 (vol. 2); 182 (vol. 3). Mus. Bibliog. Index. $14.00 (vol. 1); $11.00 (vol. 2); $7.00 (vol. 3). These three volumes contain the information needed to plan, implement, and interpret biological experiments. Volumes 1 and 2 provide statistical tools for research in zoology and animal agriculture as well as in the food, health, and behavioral sciences. Volume 1 stresses the analysis of experimental data, and volume 2 emphasizes the design of experiments. Volume 3 (appendices), provides tables, charts, a glossary of symbols, and solutions to odd-numbered exercises in volumes 1 and 2. Experimental Neurobiology: a Laboratory Manual. By Bruce Oakley and Rollie Schäfer. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1978. Pp. 12+367. Mus. Index. $12.95 (paper). A laboratory manual in which the experiments cover the spectrum of experimental neuroscience from single cell to brain wave to behavior. Experiments are prefaced by chapters on neuroanatomy and electrophysiological instrumentation . Inbred and Genetically Defined Strains ofLaboratory Animah, part 1 . Edited by Philip L. Altman and Dorothy Dittmer Katz. Bethesda, Md.: Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, March 1979. Pp. xxvi+418. Mus. Bibliog. Index. $65.00. Expertly selected and evaluated reference data on mouse and rat, in 93 tables, covering taxonomy and origin; inbred, congenie, and recombinant strains; karyology; development; morphological traits; biochemical and endocrine mutants ; immunology; neurology; tumors; and regulatory systems. The 3,450 references from which the data were obtained are appended to the tables. Mutagen-induced Chromosome Damage in Man. By H. J. Evans and D. C. Lloyd. New Haven, Conn.: Yale University Press, January 1979. Pp. 10+355. Charts and graphs. Index. $27.50. This collection of articles reports on some of the most advanced work done on the effects of physical and chemical mutagens on the chromosomes of persons exposed to them. These articles will be of significant interest to those in genetics, radiology, industrial medicine, the production of pharmaceuticals, and environmental studies concerned with biological hazards. Announcements ofNew Books Outline of Veterinary Clinical Pathology, 3d ed. By Maxine Benjamin. Ames: Iowa State University Press, 1978. Pp. 350. Mus. Index. $14.95. Completely revised, expanded, and updated with new sections on clinical enzymology and cytology, many new charts and tests, and updated ranges of normal values for hematology and blood chemistry. A section on the blood picture in specific conditions to aid differential diagnosis, methods of microscopic examination of urine, anemias, and techniques for direct smears to demonstrate bacteria, fungi, inclusion bodies, and neoplasms. Material is in outline form. Peripheral Circulation. Edited by Paul C. Johnson. New York, London, Sydney, and Toronto: John Wiley & Sons, April 1978. Pp. 369. Mus. Bibliog. Index. $28.95. An overview of general principles and current concepts on peripheral circulation , written at a level easily understood by non-experts in the field. Chapters on basic properties are followed by a discussion of individual organs and tissues, and a guide to further reading is provided at the end of each chapter. In a single volume, the book summarizes current thinking. Restraint and Handling of Wild and Domestic Animals. By Murray E. Fowler. Ames: Iowa State University Press, 1978. Pp. 336. Mus. Bibliog. Index. $26.00. Detailed descriptions for the restraint and handling of all vertebrate species are illustrated with 730+photos and diagrams. Numerous tables present detailed information. The appendixes contain lists of the common and scientific names of the animals covered; the generic names, trade names, and sources of restraint equipment and supplies; a list of abbreviations used; and conversion tables. The proven techniques described stress the safety of both handler and animal. Veterinary Clinical Parasitology, 5th ed. By Margaret W. Sloss and Russell L. Kemp. Ames: Iowa State University Press, 1978. Pp. 264. Mus. Index. $12.95. This book contains 364 illustrations of diagnostic forms of the important parasites of North American domestic animals, many new photographs, and a major new section on skin parasitic insects and other forms. The segments on mites and lice now include ticks and fleas. New techniques...


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