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Microvascular Reconstructive Surgery. By B. M. O'Brien. New York: Churchill Livingstone, June 1977. Pp. 359. $38.00. Bernard McC. O'Brien's Microvascular Reconstructive Surgery is a welcome addition to the surgeon's library. It is a scholarly and thoroughly referenced work, authoritatively written by a pioneer and leader in the field. It is a particular delight to read a well-written single-authored book, with its uniformity of style and purpose. The book suffers little for having been produced in the relatively spare British style, without the extravagance of color plates and large margins. The contents are comprehensive, though heavily oriented toward O'Brien's own impressive unit in Melbourne. Not only are we treated to a tour of his facility, but we are given a detailed account of his profuse ongoing research as well. This is not to say that the clinical and laboratory work of others is not represented. The author has accomplished the remarkable task of completing this book in one year, and many references from 1976 are included. In this rapidly evolving field, however, even as up to date a volume as this is rapidly becoming outdated. Nonetheless, this is an excellent source for the beginner to acquaint himself with the equipment and basic techniques from a master, and for the advanced practitioner to find summarized available information (up to 1976) on microvascular grafts, the histopathology of microvascular repairs, and the pathophysiology of microvascular occlusions. The clinical sections outline the world's experience in every application of microvascular surgery and serve to illustrate the preeminence of the author's own unit in Melbourne. We are treated, for instance , to a detailed chapter on microlymphatic surgery, and application of promise which is being nudged into clinical practicality there and nowhere else. This book is authoritative, comprehensive, readable, and ultimately very useful . It is a great success. Lee E. Edstrom Department of Surgery University of Chicago 460 Book Reviews ...


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