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FOREWORD The papers in this volume were prepared for a conference at the University of Chicago in June 1979, sponsored by the Center for Policy Study. It is a pleasant duty to thank those who prepared them, as well as those who prepared commentaries on them and those who led discussions in what was a very lively series of meetings. In fact, it was a wonderful conference, one of those rare events at which some of us learned a great deal and everyone attending learned something. As Dr. Richard Landau points out in his overview, Dr. Daniel X. Freedman, Dr. Leon I. Goldberg, Bernard D. Meltzer, and Ann Grahn worked with him on the planning, on selecting those who would write papers, and those who would attend. But Landau himself deserves most of the credit for this project and for its success. From the first discussions , his personal commitment was total, and for more than a year it was his personal attention, his care, his power to persuade that we all depended on. As for me, I will remember the project always as Ann Grahn's. As program coordinator for the center, it was herjob to organize the meeting . She did that, of course, but she did a great deal more—as an organizer , a galvanizer, a patient shepherd, and finally as an editor. In part, the funding for this conference and support of the publication came from the Burroughs Wellcome Fund, the Commonwealth Fund, the Gould Foundation, and the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation . I thank them most sincerely. D. J. R. Bruckner Vice Presidentfor Public Affairs Director, Centerfor Policy Study University of Chicago S2 D. f. R. Bruckner ¦ Foreword ...


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