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Index 235 TDR Volume 54 Index T205: vol. 54, no. 1 (Spring 2010) T206: vol. 54, no. 2 (Summer 2010) T207: vol. 54, no. 3 (Fall 2010) T208: vol. 54, no. 4 (Winter 2010) By Author Abrams, Joshua, “Stages of Emergency: Cold War Nuclear Civil Defense by Tracy C. Davis” (Book Review) 2:188–90 Adrover, Lauren, David A. Donkor, and Christina S. McMahon, “The Ethics and Pragmatics of Making Heritage a Commodity: Ghana’s PANAFEST 2009” (Critical Act) 2:155–63 Afzal-Khan, Fawzia, “Performative Interventions in the Body Politic of Pakistan” (Performing Pakistani Politics Section) 2:18–28 Afzal-Khan, Fawzia, and Annie Rachele Lanzillotto, “Sext of Saudade” (Performing Pakistani Politics Section) 2:51–59 Afzal-Khan, Fawzia, and Bina Sharif, “Jihad Against Violence: A One-Act Play” (Performing Pakistani Politics Section) 2:60–69 Alker, Gwendolyn, “Stretching the Truth Way into the Future: Cynthia Hopkins’s The Success of Failure (Or, The Failure of Success)” (Critical Act) 1:167–71 Anderson-Rabern, Rachel, “The Nature Theater of Oklahoma’s Aesthetics of Fun” (New Theatre Ensembles Issue) 4:81–98 Barton, Melissa, “‘Speaking a Mutual Language’: The Negro People’s Theatre in Chicago” (Student Essay Contest Winner) 3:54–70 Bell, Gelsey, “Driving Deeper into That Thing: The Humanity of Heiner Goebbel’s Stifters Dinge” (Critical Act) 3:150–58 Blair, Rhonda, and John Wesley Hill, “Stanislavsky and Cognitive Science” (Letters, Etc.) 3:10–11 Callens, Johan, “Anne-Marie Boisvert, Manon Oligny, and Thomas Israël: Three Artists in Search of Cindy Sherman” 1:39–58 Camp, Pannill, “Magic Flutes & Enchanted Forests: The Supernatural in Eighteenth-Century Musical Theater by David J. Buch” (Book Review) 4:229–31 Carroll, Amy Sara, “Muerte Sin Fin: Teresa Margolles’s Gendered States of Exception” 2:103–25 Ceballos Obaya, Sandra, “Pretending to Say” (Provocation) 3:2–3 Cesare, T. Nikki, “‘Comedy, Truth, and, like, Real Shit’: Derek Ahonen and the Amoralists” (New Theatre Ensembles Issue) 4:175–87 Cesare, T. Nikki, “Tehching Hsieh: One Year Performance: Art Documents 1978–1999 by Tehching Hsieh, with accompanying text by Steven Shaviro” (Book Review) 3:176–78 Index 236 Cesare, T. Nikki, and Mariellen R. Sandford, “To Avant or Not to Avant: Questioning the Experimental, the New, and the Potential to Shock in the New Garde” (New Theatre Ensembles Issue) 4:7–10 Chavkin, Rachel, “Five Years and Change with the TEAM: Moving Fast Past the Apocalypse” (New Theatre Ensembles Issue) 4:108–17 Cortiñas, Jorge Ignacio, with introduction by Coco Fusco “Blind Mouth Singing” (Piece) 3:12–53 Cuppola Bobber, “The Dictionary of Endurative Actions” (Provocation) 1:2–3 Daddario, William, “Skills for Actors: Body Language Skills produced by First Light Video; A Moving Presence: Ruth Zaporah and Action Theater directed by Kent De Spain” (Book Review) 1:178–80 Daniel, Rachel Jessica, “Art in the Age of Political Correctness: Race in the TEAM’s Architecting” (New Theatre Ensembles Issue) 4:136–54 Del Vecchio, Jessica, “The Most American Thing in New York City: The Historiography of the National Theater of the United States of America” (New Theatre Ensembles Issue) 4:155–74 Donkor, David A., Lauren Adrover, and Christina S. McMahon, “The Ethics and Pragmatics of Making Heritage a Commodity: Ghana’s PANAFEST 2009” (Critical Act) 2:155–63 Dunkelberg, Kermit, “Jerzy Grotowski by James Slowiak and Jairo Cuesta” (Book Review) 1:185–87 Foster, Susan Leigh, “Merce Cunningham 1919–2009” (In Memory) 1:7–9 Gallagher-Ross, Jacob, “Image Eaters: Big Art Group Brings the Noise” (New Theatre Ensembles Issue) 4:54–80 Gamliel, Tova, “Performed Weeping: Drama and Emotional Management in Women’s Wailing” 2:70–90 Hill, John Wesley, “Stanislavsky and Cognitive Science” (Letters, Etc.) 3:9–10 Jakovljevic, Branislav, “Wooster Baroque” 3:87–122 Johansson, Ola, “The Limits of Community-Based Theatre: Performance and HIV Prevention in Tanzania” 1:59–75 Joice, Candace M., “Meeting to Find a Way to Let Me Down Easy” (Critical Act) 3:163–69 Kelleher, Joe, “Theatre, Intimacy & Engagement: The Last Human Venue by Alan Read” (Book Review) 2:181–83 Kozinn, Sarah, “Discovering What We Don’t Know: An Interview with Steve Cosson of the Civilians” (New Theatre Ensembles Issue) 4...


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