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all is Cicely Tyson as Miss Jane Pittman. She is totally convincing as a young woman, scared, defiant, resilient, and even more so in comfortable old age where she finds enjoyment in the sports news and vanilla ice cream and hope for the future in young men like her godson. Miss Jane's nobility lies not .only in her final courageous act, but in our knowledge of what she has endured. There also lies the value of this fine film. FILM ANDHISTORY NEWS HFC ANNUAL MEETING AND WORKSHOP The annual meeting of the HFC will be held on December 29, 1975, in conjunction with the American Historical Association convention in Atlanta. Georgia. Our meeting is scheduled for the Austrian Room of the Regency Hyatt House Hotel between 7:00 and 9:00 P.M. Besides the usual reports of Committee activities, this year an election of officers will be held as well. At the time of this printing, no nominations from the membership have been received; however, the present officers have declared their willingness to serve a second three-year term. In accordance with the Committee's by-laws, the officers will be elected by a majority of the members present at the annual meeting. Once the business portion of the meeting is completed, the rest of our time will be given over to a workshop on the practical problems of using film in the classroom. A similar workshop at last year's meeting in Chicago drew an audience of over 50 people who wanted to discuss these practical problems and approaches, in addition to the usually considered theoretical questions. We hope to draw an even larger group in Atlanta. Participants in the workshop will include: Thomas Cripps, Morgan State College and Woodrow Wilson Center; Robert Horowitz, Brooklyn College; Paul Vanderwood, San Diego State University; and Lawrence Murray, St. Johns University. The Committee will also have a display of sample copies of Film & History and membership materials in the Marriott Hotel, English Suite, during the convention. 16 ...


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