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The Inheritance (McGraw-Hill Tilms,l964) b&w 60 min. The film traces the rise of an organized labor movement in the United States during the 20th century, focusing particularly on the garment industry and the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America. Early working conditions, labor-management violence and the role of New Deal labor legislation all are discussed. It is told from a pro-labor point of view and neglects some of the problems regarding unionism that have arisen in recent years. The film perhaps over-emphasizes the representativeness of the Amalgamated, which is one of the most progressive and socially ???ß???µß of American labor organizations . The presentation is effective, however, and provides a good take-roff for class discussion of various aspects of working-class conditions, both historical and contemporary. (Course, 20th century U.S. history) J.Joseph Huthmacher, University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware. The Forgotten American (Carousel Films, |968) color, 28 min. In general this film deals sympathetically with the plight of the Navajos of Arizona, a long suffering tribe whose reservation is the largest in the country. This documentary examines the problems of the Indians both on and off the reservation and analyses the government's feeble attempts to help them. Solutions such as relocation in the city are examined in detail , but are found to be lacking. The "cement prarie" is no place for the Indian, and he usually returns to his reservation. The location of industry on the reservation seems to be an excellent idea but it has not worked well. The Indian is surely America's "Forgotten American." This film is an important one and is excellent in U.S. history surveys, ethnic studies and even sociology. With increased emphasis on the modern civil rights movement, the Indian in U.S. history is emerging as a subject of interest and controversy. This film answers most general questions on the modern Indian and can be a tool for discussions, supplemental material to lectures or further student research. (Course, U. S. History—1865 to the present) Gerald R.Baydo; Grossmont College; ElCajon, Calif . Historians Film Committee c/o History Faculty Newark College of Engineering Newark, New Jersey 07102 Membership for 1971 $2.00 ...


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