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FILM ANDHISTORY NEWS NEW ENGLAND HISTORICAL CONFERENCE One panel at the annual conference of the New England Historical Association held in Boston in May was entitled "The Uses of Film and Video Tape." The panel, chaired by Martin A. Jackson of the HFC, included Keith W. Bird of the University of Bridgeport who described a history course in which students prepared multi-media presentations for other history teachers to use in their classes and showed an example of their work on "The Copernican Revolution." C. Stuart Doty of the University of Maine at Orono described a course given in conjunction with the college Journalism Department in which students studied TV news film as historical document, and Lawrence Murray of S. U. N. Y. Fredonia discussed feature film as a reflection of the social environment of the twentieth century world. VISUAL ANTHROPOLOGY CONFERENCE The Department of Anthropology at Temple University has put out a "call for participation" in their 1976 Conference on Visual Anthropology slated for March 10-13 in Philadelphia. More about the Conference, which seeks "to bring together people interested in the use and analysis of Behavioral Recording Media, including still and motion picture film, videotape and sound tape, for the portrayal of the human condition," may be had from Jay Ruby, Department of Anthropology, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19122. UNIV. OF WISCONSIN SYMPOSIUM ON FILM In conjunction with a year-long research project devoted to film study, the Center for Twentieth Century Studies of The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee will hold an International Symposium on Film Theory and Practical Criticism November 19-22, 1975. Main addresses and workshops will be presented on: semiotics of film, film and ideology, approaches to film history, film and narration, film and the visual arts, and experimental cine-video. More information available from: Michel Benamou, Director, Center for Twentieth Century Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201. 19 ...


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