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FILM & HISTORY NEWS A. H.A, MEETING IN CHICAGO, DECBiBER 28-30 HISTORIANS FIM COfTIITTEE TO CO-SPONSOR SESSIOfJ The Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association is planned for Chicago on December 28th, 29th and 30th. There are three sessions listed in the bulletin which deal with the interaction of film and history. The first of these, entitled "The Movies as Social Myth," is to be co-sponsored by the Historians Film Committee. It will be chaired by Daniel Leab of Seton Hall University, and will feature presentations by Robert Sklar of the University of Michigan ("Beyond Laughter: The Movie Comedy in the 1930s") and Leo Braudy of Columbia University ('Togetherness and the Wandering Individual: The American Movie in the 1950s") . Comments will be offered by William Murphy of the the National Archives and Records Service and Steven Zito of the American Film Institute. The other sessions on film are entitled "The Photograph and the American Mind ,"a joint session with the American Studies Association concentrating on still photographs, and "Images of the American Past: Television Documentaries and Hollywood Films," a joint session with, the Popular Culture Association. The sessions will each be summarized in our February issue. HISTORIANS FIUI COfI7IITTEE ANNUAL MEETING £ WORKSHOP ON FILTI AND TEACHING The annual meeting of the Historians Film Committee will be held in conjunction with the A. H. A. Convention as it has in the past. This year it is scheduled for Saturday, December 28, from 4:00 to 6:00 P.M. in room 522 of the Hilton Hotel in Chicago. After a brief business meeting, the gathering will be transformed into a workshop on film in history teaching. The plans for the workshop include presentations by several historians using film in their classrooms in different ways, and will encourage questions and discussion from the floor on various pedagogical approaches to the use of film in history teaching. We hope to attract a large and talkative audience. 16 ...


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