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44 HASTINGS CENTER REPORT November-December 2010 Baruch, Jay, Hug or Ugh? (In Practice), MarApr , 7-8 Berg, Jessica Wilen, What Is Left of Charity Care after Health Reform? (Policy and Politics), Jul-Aug, 12-13 Berger, Jeffrey T., Rethinking Guidelines for the Use of Palliative Sedation, May-Jun, 32-38 Berlinger, Nancy, Difficult Doctors and Rational Fears, Jul-Aug, 25-29 Bernat, James L., The Debate over Death Determination in DCD (Another Voice), May-Jun, 3 Billings, J. Andrew, Larry R. Churchill, and Richard Payne, Severe Brain Injury and the Subjective Life, May-Jun, 17-21 Bonifacio, Herbert J., and Annie Janvier, Just Another Test? (Case Study), Jan-Feb, 13-14 Byock, Ira, Dying with Dignity (Perspective), Mar-Apr, inside back cover Callier, Shawneequa L., John Huss, and Eric T. Juengst, GINA and Preemployment Criminal Background Checks, Jan-Feb, 15-19 Campbell, Courtney S., and Jessica C. Cox, Hospice and Physician-Assisted Death: Collaboration, Compliance, and Complicity, Sept-Oct, 26-35 Chennels, Roger, Toward Global Justice through Benefit-Sharing (Another Voice), Jan-Feb, 3 Cohen, I. Glenn, Medical Tourism: The View from Ten Thousand Feet (Policy and Politics), Mar-Apr, 11-12 Diller, Lawrence, 100 Years Later, the Flexner Report Is Still Relevant (Perspective), SeptOct , inside back cover Dreger, Alice, Attenuated Thoughts (Another Voice), Nov-Dec, 3 Dreger, Alice, Sex Typing for Sport, Mar-Apr, 22-24 Dresser, Rebecca, Brain Imaging and Courtroom Deception (At Law), Nov-Dec, 7-8 Dresser, Rebecca, Suicide Attempts and Treatment Refusals (At Law), May-Jun, 10-11 Dugdale, Lydia, The Art of Dying Well, Nov-Dec, 22-24 Elger, Bernice, Katarzyna Michaud, and Patrice Mangin, When Information Can Save Lives: The Duty to Warn Relatives about Sudden Cardiac Death and Environmental Risks, May-Jun, 39-45 Fins, Joseph J., and Nicholas D. Schiff, In the Blink of the Mind’s Eye, May-Jun, 21-23 Fleck, Leonard M., Personalized Medicine’s Ragged Edge, Sept-Oct, 16-18 Fontana, Marian, A Patient’s Experience, Sept-Oct, 20 Friedmann, Theodore, How Close Are We to Gene Doping? Mar-Apr, 20-22 Ganzini, Linda, Strange Deathbedfellows (Another Voice), Sept-Oct, 3 Gilbert, Susan, Personalized Cancer Care in an Age of Anxiety, Sept-Oct, 18-21 Gilbert, Susan, The Biological Passport, MarApr , 18-19 Gostin, Lawrence O., The National Individual Health Insurance Mandate (At Law), Sept-Oct, 8-9 Gostin, Lawrence O., What Duties Do Poor Countries Have for the Health of Their Own People? (At Law), Mar-Apr, 9-10 Gross, Michael L., Medicalized Weapons and Modern War, Jan-Feb, 34-43 Gupta, Vidya Bhushan, and Debjani Mukherjee, Conflicting Beliefs (Case Study), Jul-Aug, 14-15 Hodge, James G., Jr., Exploring Communal Health through Law (book review), Sept-Oct, 46-47 Jennings, Bruce, Biopower and the Liberationist Romance, Jul-Aug, 16-20 Kaebnick, Gregory E., New Standards for Gene Synthesis Screening (Perspective), JanFeb , inside back cover Kaebnick, Gregory E., Synthetic Biology, Analytic Ethics (Perspective), Jul-Aug, inside back cover Kelley, Maureen, and Douglas J. Opel, Denial (Case Study), Nov-Dec, 11-12 Kirschner, Kristi L., One City, Two Worlds (In Practice), Sept-Oct, 6-7 Kirschner, Kristi L., Rebecca Brashler, Rebecca Dresser, and Carol Levine, Sexuality and a Severely Brain-Injured Spouse (Case Study), May-Jun, 14-16 Lantos, John D., A Better Life through Science? Jul-Aug, 22-25 Lantos, John D., Veatch Hates Hippocrates (book review), Jan-Feb, 46-47 index Hastings Center Report Volume 40, 2010 Following is the comprehensive index for Volume 40 of the Hastings Center Report, covering all feature material from 2010. Letters have not been included. & Complete issues are available for Volume 40 (2010) and may be purchased from the Circulation Department, The Hastings Center, 21 Malcolm Gordon Road, Garrison, NY 10524; tel.: (845) 424-4040; fax: (845) 424-4545; e-mail: AUTHORS and Citation Information November-December 2010 HASTINGS CENTER REPORT 45 Lantos, John D., Very Sad and Scary Places (book review), May-Jun, 46-47 Latham, Stephen R., Speaking Off Label (Policy and Politics), Nov-Dec, 9-10 Latham, Stephen R., Too Few Physicians, or Too Many? (Policy and Politics), Jan-Feb, 11-12 Levine, Aaron D., Self-Regulation, Compensation, and the Ethical Recruitment...


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