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Bulletin Of The Comediantes Vol. XIX Spring, 1967 No. 1 Tirso's Friends G. E. Wade, Vanderbilt University On previous occasions we have offered material that shows Tirso's use of real persons, or at least of their names, as characters or characters' names, in his Cigarrales de Toledo and in some of his plays.1 Additional material has come to hand in the same connection, and certain supplementary matters of interest for Tirso's biographyhave also become available. I The Tenorios In the Symposium article of reference in our note 1 it was shown that no person of the name of Tenorio could be identified as Tirso's don Juan of the Burlador. The failure to make this identification still obtains, but we are able to offer here some matters discovered only recently that give added information on the Tenorios; eventually , as further material comes to light, scholars may succeed in identifying don Juan Tenorio as the real and living person of Tirso's time we may suspect that he was. In volume I, p. 76 ff. of his four-volume Nobiliario de Segovia (Segovia, 1956-63), Jesús Larios Martín tells us that don Manuel Arévalo de Zuazo Tenorio y Arista de Zúñiga, made a knight in the Order of Santiago in 1651, was born in Valladolid , where his paternal grandfather was corregidor. The grandfather, Francisco Arévalo de Zuazo, was a trece of the Order. Manuel's parents were Lope Arévalo de Zuazo (a knight of the Order) and Petronila Tenorio y Arista de Zúñiga. Doña Petronila was born in Valladolid (the year is not given); she died at Manuel's birth in 1623. Manuel's paternal grandparents were the aforementioned Francisco and his wife, doña Juana de Figueroa y Cordoba , a native of Granada. Manuel's maternal grandfather was don Jerónimo Tenorio, and his maternal grandmother was doña Juana Arista de Zúñiga, señora de Montalvo y Cidamón. In order for Manuel to qualify for the knighthood he achieved in 1651, he was required to prove his limpieza de sangre and the genteel status of his ancestors. In Valladolid in that year of 1651 investigators verified his eligibility on his father's side. There was, however, some temporary difficulty in clarifying certain data for his maternal ancestry, that of the Tenorios. It had been thought that Manuel's maternal grandfather Jerónimo Tenorio was born in Briones, and there were persons of that town who testified to it as fact. There were others, however, who placed Jerónimo's birth in Toledo. No baptismal certificate could be found for him in Briones nor in the nearby towns of Montalvo, San Asensio and Baños. (But in Briones, for the year 1536, there was found a record making clear that a Juan, a Cecilia and a Catalina Tenorio had served as godparents at a certain baptism; Larios gives no details in his Nobiliario.) Conflicting testimony stated that Jerónimo apparently had spent some time in Briones, although as a youth he had lived in Toledo, where he grew up with an uncle who was a canon there. After BULLETIN OF THE COMEDIANTES Pubhshed in the Spring and Fall by the Comediantes, an informal, international group of all those interested in the comedia. EDITOR Warren T. McCready University of Toronto Toronto 5, Canada ASSOCIATE EDITOR Diego Marin University of Toronto Toronto 5, Canada BUSINESS MANAGER Karl Gregg Romance Languages University of Arizona Tucson, Arizona 85721 Subscription: $2 a year. Jerónimo's marriage to doña Juana, señora de Montalvo y Cidamón, he resided in these two towns. Larios asserts that records in Briones show that the Tenorios were of the gentility (hijosdalgo); one of the records is of 1589, and it concerns Sebasti án Tenorio, an uncle of Manuel's grandfather Jerónimo Tenorio. There is also a document of 1553 which shows that Juan Tenorio, the grandfather of Manuel's grandfather Jerónimo, was an hijodalgo. Another document shows that the accountants of the duque de Osuna ( of the Girón family, as tirsistas so well know; the Girones were given the se...


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