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IT HAS BEEN SAID and collected by M. TAHER MOHIUDDIN* "Old men and comets have been reverenced for the same reason, their long beards and pretences to foretell events."—Jonathan Swift "Doing what we like is freedom, liking what we do is happiness."— Anonymous "The Ph.D. is a passport valid for immigration into almost any academic institution in the world."—P. B. Medawar "A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you."— Anonymous "Genius is the highest type of reason—talent the highest type of understanding ."—L. P. Hickok "Nothing is more annoying than a low man raised to a high position."— Claudian "If you think you are above other people, you may really be standing all alone."—Anonymous "Never learn to do anything; ifyou don't learn, you'll always find someone else to do it for you."—Mark Twain "Democracy is measured not by its leaders doing extraordinary things, but by its citizens doing ordinary things extraordinarily well."—John Gardner "Four things a woman should know: How to look like a girl; how to act like a lady; how to think like a man; and how to work like a dog."—Anonymous»Address: H. No. 5-8/116, A. Maniyamchalka, Nalgonda-508001 A. P., India. Material appearing under this title is collected with the aim of making the serious a bit less serious, the ponderous a bit less heavy, and the reading hours a bit more fun. Toward this goal we invite a guest editor of this feature for each issue. Will readers volunteer to share their senses of humor by collecting or recollecting items that have brought smiles to their faces? We invite your participation. Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, 31, 3 · Spring 1988 \ 405 "As life is to live, so love is to give."—Patricia Barc "Love is measured not in moments of time, but in timeless moments."— Barbara Bartocei "Action makes more fortune than caution."—Anonymous "Wealth comes from excellence, and not excellence from wealth."—Plato "The only things one never regrets are one's mistakes."—Oscar Wilde "The difficulty in science is often not so much how to make the discovery but rather to know that one has made it."—J. D. Bernal "Water is a good drink provided it's mixed with good spirit."—Anonymous "The acquiring of culture is the developing of an avid hunger for knowledge and beauty."—Jesse Lee Bennett "Worry is interest paid on trouble before it is due."—Anonymous "It is remarkable that one characteristic which seems to separate man from the allegedly lower animals, is a recurring desire to escape from reality."—C. H. W. Horne and J. A. W. McCluskie "The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see."—Sir Winston Churchill "The nearer we approach great men, the clearer we see that they are men. Rarely do they appear great before their valets."—Jean de la Bruyère "Not failure, but low aim is sin."—Benjamin Mays "A man can be free without being great, but no man can be great without being free."—Kahlil Gibran "Observation is a passive science, experimentation an active science."— Claude Bernard "Today's question is not, whether there is life after death—but whether there is life after birth."—Albert Szent-Györgyi "There can be no balance with death control without birth control."—Albert Szent-Györgyi "Discovery is to see what everyone has seen, but think what no one has thought."—Albert Szent-Györgyi 406 I It Has Been Said ...


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